Metal squares

I’m looking to magnetize my models. I have a lot of Magnetic strips I’m wondering if it would be easier to find sheet metal squares somewhere or look into washers maybe? Whatever I type in online I’m not finding what I’m looking for and when I do find squares I’m not sure how big these things are so I was wondering if anyone has gone down this road before and can guide me.

I’m not quite sure if I understand what you have and what you need. ^^
What are magnetic strips?

I run a restaurant with a magnet menu board. When we replace the items on the menu we pull the strips of magnets off. So I can make a movement tray of the magnets just need to put metal on the bottom of the models bases to secure them down

Need metal squares like this

For magnetic moving trays like this.

Washers would work. Alternatively, you can buy sheet metal and cut it to size. However, make sure that your magnetic strips are strong enough for the purpose, especially if the miniatures are going to be made out of metal – I believe most people use Neodymium magnets and have a metallic movement tray (?), that would be the other way around.

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I do, but most people buy, cut and glue thin metallic sheets on their plastic movement tray. ^^
A further solution would be to cut the magnetic sheets from the menu cards in base-small squares instead of a metal sheet. Simplest would probably still be the washers.

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Yeah washers are going to be my go to if I can’t find who makes those little squares, the magnets strips/sheets are plenty strong even with metal. Not looking for some crazy store it upside down strength. Figured since I had tons of those magnet strips I might as well use them.

The magnetic sheets I’ve had are not really strong enough I’ve found.

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