Minecraft Creations

A combination of lengthy exhaustion from overworking for my own part, and general isolation disease among friends and associates, has resulted in some months of friendly online on-and-off-again Minecraft play (survival mode) on a Realm server hosted by a friend’s friend’s friend. It proved worksome enough to scratch the itch, and relaxed enough not to get in the way of recovery. As stamina is returning, this period is drawing to close. Time to take stock.

These are the grander creations of said Realm during this opportune window of recovery. Mostly built by me (while listening/watching to documentaries), occassionally in good cooperation with several friends and associates. Be welcome to share Minecraft creations of your own here as well if you like:

Step Pyramids

Dwarven Open Pit Mine

Spawn Palace & Highway

Realm Map



Great stuff! I dabble in Minecraft now and again, but never on such a grand scale. Especial praise to the step pyramids. Precisely your kind of architecture, isn’t it, @Admiral? :grin:

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@Antenor, haha, that’s right! Thanks. :smiley:

Do you have Java version? You’'re welcome to join us if you like (PM me your username if so).

Anyone interested are welcome to join the realm. Send me a PM with your account name and I’ll see to it you get invited.

Triumphal arch:


I’m hosting a survival Realm (PC Java version) while the current pestilence endures. Be welcome to join us if you like.

Highway Office

Lodge (Built by another player)

City Quarter (Built by three other players)



Haha, someone has got a bit of extra time on their hands… :sweat_smile:

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Not for long going forward, but I’m grateful for Minecraft being a perfect thing to sink your time into while listening to videos/audiobooks in times of stress and recovery. Made in Sweden, too! :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is really cool @Admiral
Would you be willing to upload the world file so I could have a poke at it one day?

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Yes certainly @Deebo! But it’s very big and I don’t know if you could load it afresh. I’m also not sure how to go about it, but would you like an invite to the Realm server? It’s still active, with activity every now and then from a variety of people. :smile:

If so, please name your Minecraft Java Edition account name, and I will invite you to the list of players. Otherwise shoot me a PM and we could hammer out details for uploading/downloading the world file and so on.

In fact, the world file is so big that we need to keep the subscription up continually (or at least refresh it sometime in a 12-18 month period, otherwise it will be deleted). We cannot possibly start a new realm with the old file, because it exceeds 5GB.

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Sweet I will get back to you in a PM on that one, I really need to go to bed, heading out in 5 hours on a 12 hour drive for this business trip.

I have an active online NAS system I could create you an account on to do uploads, good old Synology :smiley:

I think my Minecraft name is Obeed, will check up on that laters too

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Roger that! You’ve been invited to the Realm server, by the way. Obeed was right. :smile:

Anyone else wishing to join, just shout and I’ll add you. Java edition is required.

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Thanks mate, I will check that out when I get back home

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Neat! Post here or send me a PM if you’d like a guided tour in one of the coming days. I might be home and available some afternoon or evening in the week. :smile:

My PM function on this account doesn’t work on any device, except for receiving others’ PMs and responding to them; I can’t initiate a new conversation or open an old, already read one.

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@Deebo : I’ve resent the invite. I hope it works now. Please check and tell me if it works whenever it suits you, at your leisure. :smiley:

Some creations of mine and various friends on a survival Realm server (Java edition) after a recent lengthy bout of activity:

Unsurpassed Pillager swarm:

Martyr’s Rock Temple District:


Beautiful architecture, I’m especially loving the tall towering structural aesthetic that underlies so much of it.
It’s been years since I played around with Minecraft, so my apologies if I’m overlooking (forgetting) some of the gameplay aspects and difficulty settings…but how are you achieving such tall buildings without a system of scaffolding for your character?
Or is there a way for him to fly?
And what about the hostiles running around, killing villagers.
And especially the bad guys (name forgotten) who always run up on you and explode, wiping out hours of work spent on the perfect design?


Thanks! Lots of scaffolding was used (built with bamboo and spider’s web). Dirt can also be used. Ladders, too.

The trick is to make water pools to jump down into once you have exhausted your inventory and need to refill its stone.

Towering architecture as such in pure survival mode is not hard: Just build tall, climb a lot and jump into water. The hard part is getting a sense of proportions and spotting counting errors when they occur.

It was built in survival (with plenty of fall deaths), but I frequently switched to spectator mode/creative in order to fly around, control measurements and get a good look on progress, thereby catching errors early on and getting a sense of proportions.

The overall shape of the big temple was made by doing the series of domes in a staircase formation (like a ziggurat), using repeating simple mathemathics once you’ve settled on the first dome. It was only blind luck that the temple’s side walls happened to align with the flank domes’ outer edges, bar two stacks of stone on each side that needed to be moved. Then the rest of the temple’s top shape was determined by the levels set by the staircase of domes, with constant reference to Byzantine architecture.

Mobs were killing me time and again while building this, and they do spawn on the roofs where no torches have been set out.

My friend Johan von Elak and I agreed a year ago to turn off mobs damaging blocks on the server (there is such an option): As such, exploding creepers kill as they always do, but they do not damage your build, and Endermen no longer randomly place around dirt blocks that need to be cleaned up.

The game becomes a lot more enjoyable once you turn off mobs destroying blocks, and allow yourself to fly to get a better grip of how your build progresses. The build still happens in survival, but you need the bird’s freedom of movement to check and spot faults early on.

But it can be done without any flying whatsoever. More errors will occur, and the proportions will be less good, but big builds are just as doable without any flying for perspective.

Domes require no flying. Once you figure out the way to turn a Minecraft circle chart into a sphere (cross vertical and horizontal circles, then align corners as best you can) and nails the first dome after trial and error, just take a reference screenshot and build the other domes after it, counting and checking all the time.



By the way, a primary source of inspiration for the large temple was Paulus Indomitus’ fantasy Byzantine cathedral, closely based on real historical examples (I had plenty of those as well in the reference sheets):

Paulus Indomitus/thefeatheredsnake’s gallery on Deviantart

Paulus Indomitus’ blog in Swedish