Miniature Wargames Magazine - Cheap minatures and a scenario

Saw this in the KoW Vanguard Group on Facebook.


Available now at (£6.66 + free p&p in UK)
The above issue is the September issue, not the current one :grin:

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Ill definitely snap them up if i remember! September a bit away. Cheers

Well the September issue comes out in the middle of August, so don’t get caught out, lol.

Just a reminder that this comes out next week guys. 10 minis for a bargain price!


Oh, and please share that Vanguard senario as well! :smiley:

Any idea if and how giveaways like this work with electronic subscriptions? I‘ve got Miniature Wargames on mobile :relaxed:

All i know is that when freakshow says the word ill click the link and claim my 10cds + dogs. Great deal
Cheers in advance : )

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Oh, seems we are able to DL it. Please share the link… :slightly_smiling_face:

On it, I pre-ordered the magazine, so I should get it on the 14th, I think.

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Ordered mine too. Cheers guys : )