MM90 Painting Countdown

Here’s what I’ve painted for the MM90 Painting Countdown ( a paint-a-ton between Sjordo and I) …

I’ve painted 18 now, Sjordo is on 13 - shall try persuade him coming on here as well :slight_smile:


As a new user I was only allowed two links, but this has been painted as well:


New site same old beautiful minis. They look great! How many MM90s were there?

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24 is the magic number.

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Yeah, nothing new here, unfortunately. Just a test of the new forums.

It’s been a rough couple of months for me, and just as I’m actually starting to feel a bit better … COVID19 … and it has now locked down most of the world, so like most I’m trying to work from home while being a teacher, playmate, cook, dad, dog owner, husband … I’m not sure when I’ll be able to add miniatures painter to that list :pensive:

  • the 8 Sjoerdo is doing to fill “Aly’s gabs” :blush:

Welcome aboard Clam! I love seeing these old Marauders, especially in the new old way you guys paint them!

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Thank you, GD. If I remember correctly you had rather a collection of these as well, didn’t you? What happened to those? :thinking:


Absolutely glorious paintjobs on these lovely excentric sculpts, Clam! I hope the Paintathon resumes soon here. Oh, and later on you just have to re-upload pictures of your Earthshaker build, asscannon and all the other fantastic Chaos Dwarfs in your collection. Immortality beckons.

Awaiting the arrival of Sjoerdo, Blue in VT and AtomTaylor for some good 80s style company to your showcase. Stay safe and keep up the wonderful work, whenever you find the time to spare! :wink:

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Your painted figures are and remain a feast for the eyes! Even if it will probably still take some time, I am looking forward to see more painted models.

If I just had the same hobby focus and productivity as you, @Zanko. I’m a hobby butterfly and jump between projects not really using my limited hobby time very effectively :frowning:

Oh, the Earthshake build … should really revisited that one, shouldn’t I? Wonder where it is, actually… :thinking: :thinking:

But I have a nearly complete steam tank :grinning: - and I know where that is, as I’m looking at it right now. Just need to finish the tracks and then some finishing touches and a base … - so maybe this year :grin:


Maybe :shushing_face: haha, I did have a lot of them, so much so I sold them all and then found a few more after that…one day I’m sure I’ll get them done but I’m much like yourself, a hobby butterfly :man_shrugging:t2: so we’ll just have to wait and see when that is

You and Sjeordo have knocked it out of the park with these though so I’ll have to be top of my game when I do

The basing on these shouldn’t be underestimated, especially in that group shot it really makes these guys look amazing


Clam reading/leering at yours and sjoerdos painting log inspired me to start collects chaos dwarves, as im sure it has inspired plenty of others. Cheers
Side note. Lets see your steam tank