Model Advice

Just need to finish the armor and skin for the painted minis. The guys on the right had greenstuff work added from what I originally finished over a decade ago. I found what remains of my 11+ year old green stuff and it still hasn’t fully dried out. With lots of petroleum jelly I was able to mix and use it. I corrected some spots on one of them and now I need to learn how to sculpt faces (went with doing masks originally because sculpting faces seemed impossible). But it’s doable enough to finish these bad boys out, hope to get the three blunders finished up on the right with GS today if possible.

Also how’s the paint look so far? I got my new brushes in after the fact and these are using the “craftsman” brand cheapest paints available. Army painter looks like a good middle of the road and I may give them a go when I’m back in the states.


And I’m leaving the country for quite some time to do work, when I return I’ll pick back up.