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So I just became aware of the cost effective 3D printed models that are available out there that would be a much easier avenue to work off of than finishing my green stuff conversions from 2013. I am tempted to toss my old models (save the OG chaos dwarf models), what are y’all’s thoughts?

There’s some bad sculpts and I would rather have something better looking. Mostly it’s just the BFSP warrior models that need to be potentially redone. The thunderer and great axe models are still in a good spot for sculpt work if I don’t toss them.


I wouldn’t throw them away, but would recommend you to follow whichever gives the most hobby enjoyment out of your time. Get some models printed and give it a try… :slight_smile:


As long as you aren’t really tight for space, I’d hold on to them. There are always unforeseen uses that come up in the future. Going back and finishing old projects is something I do every now and then, not with any purpose in mind but just to see if I could.

If the cards are right I’ll have time to dig out and sort my minis and get some pictures uploaded. I’m contemplating redoing faces/hats primarily if my green stuff is still good. I also won’t feel rushed to have a product done so I think what work i do produce will potentially be of higher quality. Depending on getting back into sculpting and green stuff work…

I’m trying to upload photos but I’m just getting slapped up with processing upload. Any advice?

@Xander @MichaelX
Any idea why this may be happening fellas ? ^^^

Do you wait after uploading an image?

it goes trough a couple of phases and you need to wait for them to finish before you do more.

First it does the preprocessing

Screenshot 2024-03-29 202429

then the uploading

Screenshot 2024-03-29 202432

and finally it looks like this

Screenshot 2024-03-29 202438


Uploading: 1000004425.jpg…
Uploading: 1000004422.jpg…
Uploading: 1000004423.jpg…

Do you have any script blockers on your browser? NoScript, Adblock, UBlock, etc?

This is my first thought, or some other weird add-on. Even uploading from a slow network drive should work unless it’s timing out in the background. Alternatively, are these being uploaded from a device or a drive that you don’t have read permission? That would be very weird that you’d be able to see the files but not upload them, but maybe the way your browser accesses things is happening with restricted permissions??

Is there any chance these are a weird jpg format or broken/missing/corrupt JPEG headers in those files? Your OS may preview the images OK and even your image viewer may show them normally, but I’ve experienced this problem once in a blue moon

In Windows I occasionally get a message from the Picture Viewer that a preview isn’t available but opening the image in Photoshop will work and I can re-save it… not sure why this is but re-saving seems to fix the header sometimes

It’s also possible, if the files were transferred from some other media and the transfer didn’t complete, you may only have partial files.

I’ve had this super-weird issue with a small number of jpg images in my CDO folder - some of those files were saved in 2007-2010 - and the Windows preview looks fine, but opening them in Photoshop results in a single pixel high image. Changing the DPI in Photoshop can fix this, but I have no idea why or how this happens, but it implies something happened to the affected files at some point making them different.

I’m no longer an admin, but do accounts on here have any restriction settings, such as file storage limits or restrictions for uploading in general? I’m guessing not, but it’s an easy thing to check.

OHHHhhh!!! One last thing, try opening the files in an image viewer of your choice, save the images with a different name and upload those. I don’t know for sure (see \not an admin\ above) but I don’t know if there may be something weird going on with your browser and the upload detecting that you’re uploading a file that already exists. If the upload didn’t complete the first time maybe it’s getting corrupted server-side? I feel this option is very unlikely and I believe regardless the filename discourse assigns a unique handle to the file server-side, so without seeing what the server shoots back (see MichaelX’s “finally it looks like this” at the bottom of the post) we can’t manually punch in a reference to the file on the server… and maybe it isn’t getting created at all. If it hangs on ‘uploading’ that narrows down where to start looking: client vs server.


Do you wait for it to finish uploading, or doesnt it start uploading?

It’s from my phone as jpgs which is a Samsung Galaxy s21. I think it’s my browser because I waited for it to upload but it never finishes.


I have about 10 Great Ax wielding dwarves and 12 thunderers to finish on top of the Canon and crew from the skull pass.

So I’ve got some base coats done on some additional models. But I want to revisit what I would like to do. I don’t like the product I created with the block of warriors, so I am thinking between either the lost kingdoms or the 3rd party classic style ones like Zonk.

If I go lost kingdoms i will be starting from scratch, but with the classic style there are more options available to fit thematically. For those who own both types which do you prefer and why?

I will be out of my country through to probably the New Year doing some work but plan to start buying new stuff. I am planning out the purchases now and will probably try and stick to a 1500 pts or less army.

Got some base paint on three minis. Two are thunderer (blunderbuss) command group and one is a poorly sculpted great axe warrior


Are there any members here with a 3d printer who could print models and in return they would be compensated? Looking at buying from some shops off Etsy but I would rather directly support the people on here if possible


Working on a camouflage pattern that looks like fire on the dudes, thoughts? Looking to tie it all together with a thinned wash, what color should I wash with a brown or a blue?


We have set up the Darklands Printing Service for this reason!


80 percent complete. Been using the cheapest paints and brushes that I had on hand, need to finish the flesh, metals and leather among touch ups/highlights. I want to probably redo the purple armor.

Got better brushes in the mail.