More work on shar’tor the executioner

After a busy few weeks I’ve managed a bit more progress on the lean beefy boi himself. Hopefully I’ll have him finished soonish. The big parts went on faster than I thought!

Far from finished of course, but I now have a reliable recipe I can use for Drazhoath’s bull once I get him! Still unsure about red armour though. It’s difficult to give it depth without turning it into that ridiculous orange games workshop and their painters like to do

More progress to come! Hope you all enjoyed this admittedly small update!


I would not worry about the red armour, I think you nailed it.
What combo paints did you use?
Looking amazing.

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Thank you!

The bull body was Vallejo charcoal with scale 75 African shadow airbrushed into the recesses and then I used Vallejo dark blue grey to airbrush highlight the back and some of the larger areas, but not too much. Then I used it to brush highlight the muscles and things like that. Then used ak interactive reddish brown for a final highlight.

I’ll add a second reply when I look at my notes for the skin, since I lost track of what I used. But I can say I used a lot of the paints from the malefic flesh set from Vallejo.

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