My 15mm Tjubgob infantry by Admirality Miniatures

Guys, so I have backed a Kickstarter Campaign by this small company, Adimi… Amidral… something like that. They make lovely Hobgoblins for 15mm games, check them out! I don’t play 15mm war games, but I definitely wanted to support their campaign, I am thinking of doing a diorama or something with the Tjubgobs eventually. They also have other models called Tjublings, they would make pretty damn good Chaos Dwarfs…


Cool, glad you like them! :smiley:

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You could use the Tjublings and tjubgobs as Chaos Dwarf and Hobgoblin kids; stick two or three on a 20mm base and count them as a single ‘adult’. :wink:

I also backed the Kickstarter (still waiting for it to arrive) and have plans to try doing some ‘flexible’ basing with them; going to put each mini on a 10mm hex and magnitise the bottom so they can be put on 20mm hexes to play Saga, 20x40mm for 15mm warmaster and 40x40 for Battle Valor Fantasy.

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Oh that is a pretty neat idea, I like that!

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Thanks; my original plan was just for Saga, then while waiting for the Kickstarter to ship I started looking around for 15mm mass battle games (other than the obvious doing WHFB or KoW in 15mm) and came across BVF, so put some thought into maximising what I could do with them. :wink:


Dragon Rampant seems to be a popular setting as well, but haven’t tried it myself yet… Seem to buy alot more rules that I never will get around to try out. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I bought the DR rules a while back but never tried them out; they felt a bit thin iirc and don’t think I was able to construct a force that felt quite right for CDs from what I can recall.