My Chaos Dwarfs

Yes, I finally have a legitimate reason to post on this forum again ;p

@LordKrell has released the 3d files for his awesome 10mm Chaos Dwarfs, and after last weeks winter weather it’s warm enough again, so I could start printing!

Not much to show yet, but I wanted to start a topic so I’d have a reason to continue working on them. I get distracted easily ;p

So here are some pics!

This is how they came from the printer:

I added some magnets and filed down the bases so they would fit snuggly together.

And I added a movement tray I had lying around from another project:

Some sand on the bases, and an undercoat, and they’re ready for paint:

So time to get painting! Now I just need to figure out a colourscheme… I could paint them to match my Bighammer Chaos Dwarfs, or I could paint them in the old skool bright colours, that should be fun too.


I love everything about this :cd1990:

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Yes @bas_2312 !!! Well excited for this :smiley:

Looks lovely! :smiley:

sry for my low activity in the last weeks, the release of the complete range of chaos dwarfs was really stressful at the end because there were some deadlines I had. Finally all is done ( I guess you saw it).

I hope that everyone is happy with the outcome.


Sorry guys, I didn’t get to painting these guys yet… Somehow a tiny army just seems like more work than single mini’s ;p

But! I did paint up an actual Chaos Dwarf! Mr. Jabbertooth Eyesplinter himself!

I was super inspired by @Bolg 's repaints and decided to paint one up myself. Lots of fun to use these bright colours. Not sure what I’ll use this figure for, but I based him up to match my recent Mordheim mini’s.

As always, if you want to follow the stuff I do you can also find me on Instagram: Login • Instagram


This guy looks class Bas!!!

Nice work!

Gummy Chaos Dwarfs! Yum, yum :sweat_smile: :tongue:

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Well if you start painting chaos dwarfs I’ll paint a Halfling (that you gave me) just for some balance in the universe.


I’ll just continue painting Chaos Dwarfs, but this time I’ll do one from my own generation.

Real Chaos Dwarfs have big hats, as we all know.

So I was really in the mood to paint some more brightly coloured mini’s, and then I found out that I still have a couple of Bull Centaurs in my bitz box. But the life in the bitz box is a hard life, and this mini was showing the wear of years of digging past him. I patched him up with a little Green Stuff, pinned the axe (it almost fell off due to years of bending back and forth) and he looks good enough to use on the table!

I loved and hated painting the red at the same time, and the paint kept chipping so I’m happy he’s done.

Again, not sure what I’ll use him for. Maybe I’ll make a Chaos Dwarf warband for Mordheim, or maybe this was just a one off for fun.


He looks great! As a helm follower, the bull centaurs from that range is the unit im most jealous of.
I like the hat guys too but at £10 a dwarf these days there is no chance haha

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The recent prices sound crazy to me! Thank Hashut the big part of my collection is from the time you could still Mail Order them, or people would dump in exchange for shiny new plastics.

At one time I think I had 30 Bull Centaurs, but I’ve also sold a bunch of them over the years.

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I have 5 converted bulltaurs with helmets I’d be willing to trade you ^^ I’ve come into more and more originals over time so I feel a bit swamped at the moment :smiley:

Scroll down past Hobwolves :wink:


Oh wow they are really impressive! I feel like they should be cast. Great sculpting. Did you make those from plastic orc boars?

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Yup, plastic boars with fur trimmed away, cut apart and elongated, think I made the legs longer than before too. Torsos are BFSP dwarfs with Khorne blood warrior (something along those lines) axes and Chaos warrior shields and helmet fronts. Aand lots of GS :smiley:

If your interested just let me know^^