Need some details on Harridans

I’m going to be making an addition to my mod for WARHAMMER III, Heralds of Hashut. I’d like to add Harridans and eventually some other forgotten parts of the Chaos Dwarf roster if they relate to infantry. I’d basically like to know everything there is about Harridans, namely:

  • What do they wear and how do they look? They are described as Chaos Dwarf females who are past the age of bearing children and only serve the purpose of combat; they go into fights with leather/light armor as well? I’m thinking most of them would be very angry short grey-haired muscular women
  • What sort of weapons do they use? Two-handed, one-handed? Axe or hammer? etc
  • Any other fun ideas you guys have would be helpful
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Here is what I found in the novel:

“others were bald dwarfs with scarred faces who wore red robes and bronze breastplates”

“The bald dwarfs turned on the other slavers, piling on them, dragging them to the floor of the platform. Some of their number seized heavy steel hammers, raising the mattocks and pulverising the faces of the struggling captives.”

“The other humans were busy fighting the robed acolytes. Each of the bald
dwarfs had seized a heavy hammer and followed their thegn into battle. The
northmen were shocked to find that their foes were women. Dwarf mothers too
old to produce children, their only purpose now was to defend the temple of their
unforgiving god. They wielded their hammers with the maddened zeal of
fanatics, the burned stumps of their tongues wriggling in silent cries of hate.”

Based on this, I’ll say they should wear armour, carry two-handed hammers and maybe be subject to frenzy?

Also, harridan is not their real name. The narrator calls them all kind of things, including harridan and virago, so you could find something more dwarvish in nature.


I too have been fascinated by them (I think the name Harridans fits just fine.)

Just to throw ideas out, When I’ve recreated them (in hero forge or in minis I’ve been sculpting), I often give them patchy / partially bald hair, and depict them with with masks, or chain veils