New Dwarves for a New Millennium

Any STLS I make will be available for free here: All the 3D models of Morgsley・Cults

Hello, long time lurker, first time poster. Old World is a-coming, with a tentative February release date rumoured, it has brought back alot of memories of WHFB. Mostly of not being able to afford to play with real models, being the broke teenager I was back then (it didnt help that I played Skaven mostly).

But now its the future, the far off year of 2023! We have magic boxes that can make minis on the cheap, cheap enough that even teenage me could have had several armies!

Anyway enough rambling, here is a thread documenting my attempts to make wargaming a little bit more accessible.

At the start of the month I finished my Iron Daemon Proxy:

and after taking a week or two to make some Lizardmen and work on some Ogres, I am now working on the actual Dwarf units in the Chaos Dwarf Roster, starting with the bog standard Warriors and Blunderbusses. Here is my first test print fresh from the printer:

Thats a 20mm base btw, now all thats left is to come up with about 20 poses and we’ll be golden.


These are fantastic! Extremely exciting stuff

Welcome to cdo! That tank looks lovely, ill be following with interest

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Always glad to see people join the conversation, welcome! Amazing sculpts dude and so generous to make them available for free. I believe I see some TTW influence in the axe warrior? Look forward to seeing more and hope you will also share pics when these are painted. Don’t forget we also hang out in the discord, if you’d like some more direct chat!

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I like your train. It is interesting how each design I have seen from different designers looks the same superficially but the details are all so different. Looking forward to seeing your takes on more of the machines.

I see you have the same design philosophy as me, giving away designs to make the hobby more accessible. Seeing people use my stuff gives me more joy than the few dollars I would ever make from selling them.