New side project - ¡Myrmidia y cierra Estalia!

Whoever guesses the army I’m building will win a raised eyebrow of appreciation.


Nice! Tilea? Witch hunters? Border Princes? Nuln gunpowder crazies? That Imperial coastal colony in the Southlands?

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Border Princes.


:idea1: Yeah! Estalian conquistadors with a few monsters from spanish mythology. It was time to repaint my Pirazzo lost legion.


Beautiful start! And to think that I was on the verge of calling you out for trying to fool us by pretending to start a WH army while secretly doing an Inquisitor 28 project :tongue:


My prototype.
I feel the red uniform makes him look to imperial. Maybe a more sober colour scheme.
I like the green / sea blue scheme on the captain.
Opinions are most welcome.





“What better way to fight monsters than with monsters of our own, right? No one will tell you this, but Altos Aires endures for more reasons than our blades, reasons not many are inclined to be thankful for. I don’t know if someone went looking for them, if a pact was made, I don’t know if it was planned by the captains or if it was just our rotten luck, but one way or another, they crossed the Great Ocean.

Have you heard of the lobizom, son? Ask the inquisitor, he might die of apoplexy. You can meet them back home if you are unlucky. They stalk in forests and moors, they run in packs in the mountains. It is said the abasko wildmen worship strange gods, but I think they worship nothing except the curse of the lobizom. They hunt with them and eat raw flesh, my father once said.

And now we are trapped here with them. The Pond wasn’t deep enough to keep the curse away. Wildmen live in the pampas now, and they brought their beast with them. They may join the expedition, you might even be thankful if they save your hide from the lizards, but make no mistake, never get caught alone with the abaskos, especially not at night. You can never tell which of them runs on four legs when the moons are high.”

-Renzo Garrote, veteran. Altos Aires. Culchan Plains. Lustria -


Six months since my last update, I’m ashamed. This pestilential year barely left me any time to paint and adding to that, I started a third project. Now I have my easterlings, my estalians, and my 40K Mining Corps. Three armies at the same time prevent me from growing bored but it means each project goes slowly.

This Christmas, I hope to complete this little bit, among others:

The Altar of Myrmidia Invicta:


“She came out of the temple for the first time, riding the giant reptile the lizard shaman gave us. All bowed, the inquisitor and the priestess, captains and sellswords, the abasko wildmen, the most arrogant diestros, even the lobizom bowed his head like a loyal hound. Altos Aires was emptied that day, even Myrmidia came, and I swear to you her statue had changed. She was not the serene beauty you can see now in the temple, she was the very image of wrath and without her not many would have held the line. She came with us, all the way from Estalia, and now she rode on the back of a mastodon and the beast obeyed every order her priestess gave, just like the tarascas do at home. Blessed, beautiful Invicta!

I don’t remember much of that battle. All I know is I killed more skaven than I can count and all I could think of was Her words, Her teachings and mantras and strategies. With Her, battle is a game of regicide and even swarms of rats can be predictable.

Myrmidia Invicta, the silver goddess of Talavera, walked the Culchan Plains. Pray that you are fortunate enough to see it, but not too much. When she leaves the temple, it means the alternative is nothing less than the end of Altos Aires.

And if you find the time boy, ask yourself what I ask myself: why did the lizards gave us that present? A mount for Myrmidia, complete with a stone platform on its back as if they knew exactly what we would use it for. Ask yourself if they knew we would need it, and then ask why would they help us survive when you might end on their sacrificial stone next time we sack one of those ruins they care so much about.

You may even grow bold enough to ask old Remigio what he knows of all this, but don’t expect to fare better than I did. He ignores me; he might just punch your jaw away for having the nerve. If you ever do ask, warn me first, I have a bet with Alejo.”

Amílcar Borja, veteran. Altos Aires. Culchan Plains. Lustria –