New to big hats

hi CDO! I’m Dwarzir, very new to Chaos Dwarfs and just soaking up all kinds of lore and lists and miniature options thanks to this great resource. My local group is a hardcore 8th ed WFB group, and so I 'm just making a decision now on whether to build my 2k starter list using the Tamurkhan list/points or the WAP 8th ed book (suggestions welcome!).

I’ve only been painting and playing warhammer for the last 1.5yrs, got into it all through friends and have fallen hard. I roll a 9k+ lizardmen army, almost completely GW models, a 6k or so Kislev mildly grimdark army using the 8th ed WAP book, and a very grimdark homebrew Fimir army which is my current work in progress. I’m on instagram as ilikeoldbooksandpaints

As I get deeper into GW history and lore, I’m so intrigued by the more whimsical side of WFB in early editions and early sculpts and have fallen in love with the modern resculpts and inspired sculpts of Fabelzel, Brawniac and others, and I’m planning on going in that direction with my army for 3D prints.

The basic lore I’m playing with is 3 childhood friends from the Vale of Woe who grew up taking care of a local giant and have now matured into a sorcerer prophet, a warrior and a demonsmith who all have their own motives, but also jointly are bonded by their lovel of their dear giant. my sorcerer is driven by the desire to tame a lammasu, my demonsmith wants to add to his collection of war machines (currently a malfunctioning magma cannon and a more reliable deathshreiker) and my warrior wants to expand his influence and bring a hobgoblin horde under his thrall.

more anon, thanks for being so awesome!


Welcome to the machine, such is the Chaos Dwarf way.
In the next few weeks I am bringing my 6000 troop CD army to the East to the Valley of Woe to seek vengeance for evil against my family name.
I could use such forces to bring my enemies to their knees.
Submit to my banner of Shartzall Doom… or die. All in good humor of course.
I wait your answer.


Many thanks!
So far I know that my tragic trio is from Gash Kadrak and that their giant is much sought after, so they’ve kept a low profile. They won’t march to another’s banner yet, as they’re upstarts who need to learn a lesson or two. So, if ye wish to face the rumoured giant of Gash Kadrak, then come get some!