Nobody expects the chaos dwarfs

Their scale is very different to all their contemporaries. Very cartoonish. Always has been. Your prints look right to me :slight_smile:

Dwarfs classified by sculpt for efficient batch painting. In theory i plan to paint one row every day and be done by sunday. I’m curious how long this will actually take.


I am really starting to appreciate the ergonomic qualities of these sculpts. They are like chess pieces, easily grasped by their hats.


It seems like the bull centaur base sizes were adjusted to suit the forgeworld models, so i had to adjust the size of the centaurs themselves


Great job! Can you tell us the scale used?

Thanks! The scale is 150%

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I only lasted one day into the challenge. These take far more effort to paint than I anticipated. I am mostly experienced with painting eldar and tau, i just airbrush them a certain color, pick out a few details and accents an they are done. These have different materials on every part of the figure. These two dozen dwarves took as much time to paint as a 2k point tau army.


I love the iron daemon, but the open drivers compartment always made me uneasy. There is a clear threat of good guys climbing up onto the engine and throwing the dwarfs overboard.


I heard someone in a podcast refer to the iron daemon as the ‘chaos version of Thomas the tank engine’


Awesome idea for that angry Thomas

I dispute the use of the term “Ugly”. Everything else is great.