Norba steam tank

Pretty nice potential for chaos dwarves i think. 3 variants. The options for chaos dwarf machinery coming thick and fast these days… :hashut:


I just saw that one too, so cool. :cd1980: However, since I used an original GW model for my diorama with vanilla dwarfs, it is currently out of the question for my CDs. However, who knows what kind of crazy thoughts will haunt my head in the future! :wink:

I just read in a German forum that the quality of Norba Miniatures is supposed to be a disaster (many casting burrs, brittle material), moreover the communication (the forum member had participated in the Imperiums Kickstarter) was unfriendly. In the end, Norba is not to be recommended. A pity really, but at the price (approx. 80% of the GW price) you can expect a bit more! :angry:


Lol i actually sent you a sample norba chaos dwarf (to see what you thought)with the item that appears to be totally lost/ stolen in the post. I am beyond annoyed about it.

The norba cds are made of polypropylene which means they pretty much bounce if you drop them but are a pain to clean up and glue together. Super glue only works.

I did contact them by messenger and they got back to me same day.

The steam tank is made of resin however so different kettle of fish. I do like the look of these fighting platform things

I also think the look of the steam tank with the roof is very chic! It’s a bit stupid that it says “Norba Miniatures” several times on the page. That really shouldn’t have been necessary. Let’s see what the next reviews of Norba will be like, maybe they are capable of learning! :wink:

Of course, the disappearance of the model is very annoying! :angry:

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Someone on the discord found this as well. Arms not matching up to bodies etc. Real shame as the sculpts look nice.


The ones i bought are all packaged individually in polythene bags so they should allbe correct, bit trying to glue them together at 4 joins at once gives me nightmares haha. The single handed weapons should be fine to glue

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I thought it had improved over the last years?
But cannot say for myself, don’t have any Norba models