Off topic - my stormcast eternals

A mate of mine gifted me an entire army brand new in box. It’s an army I’ve never been previously interested in buying or painting but it was a freebie! Presented me with a bit of challenge to convert them up Into something that I really wanna paint and play with. So far I’ve finished the first unit of troops.


Oh, they look incredible! Love the Templar theme as well… Are you going pure StormCast or using Cities of Sigmar to be able to field human foot soldiers etc? :slight_smile:

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At the mo pure storm cast butttttt

If I can get hold of some old brettonian men at arms I can see cities getting involved too!

Yep that Templar theme rocks!

Not sure about you guys but I don’t care what colour, creed or race you are if you live in a fantasy universe you always look more bad ass with furs around your shoulders :man_shrugging:t2: thank you Game of Thrones!

Great colour scheme and yet another thing in this wonderful community I wish I had thought of :grin::grin:


Agreed about the furs haha

Also it doesn’t hurt that it’s the easiest conversion to do.

Step one blob of green stuff

Step two stab it lots

You have just made a fur pelt haha :joy: