Off topic - Old school Orks

Something I’ve been working on recently. Nothing chaos dwarf related but certainly oldhammer related. I’m sure a few of you will get a kick out of these dudes.



That is absolutely gorgeous!

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It’s always nice seeing older models done with modern techniques. Often if you look at old pictures of them old minis can look badly sculpted/low detail but when you see them painted with modern paints/techniques and photographed with a digital camera many stand up to newer sculpts in quality.


Very much so, Dînadan. Poses are usually not as good in older miniatures, but overall design and details are often surprisingly fine.

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Da Boyz are back in town! These old sculpts have so much character, especially when brought to life like this

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Oh, nice… Really like your hip contrast painting style. :slight_smile:

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Those minis (and that incredible artwork) are part of what drew me into Warhammer40k many moons ago, always great to see new ones and relive that feeling :grin::+1:t2:

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Great colours. Love these guys!

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Excellent painting on those old Orks. I remember them and probably have some somewhere as I have loads of Orks. In fact I am doing some now so maybe you have inspired me to create a post here?

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I dusted mine off in response after being inspired by a guy on twitter ! So go for it!

Please share what you do :slight_smile:

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Beautiful paint jobs on these. They look amazing. Makes me want to dust of my Orks and do some more work on them. Well Done!

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A couple more orks joined this warband today.

I found some blood bowl miniatures an eleven year old me had attacked nearly twenty years ago…the poor sods haha :joy:

Bit of biostrip later…

Good as new!

So I wanted to give these minis some love and some use. I decided to give them a few weapons and send them off to Angelis with my slowly growing ork mob.

Here they are finished

I think they fit in pretty well with the others so far


Amazing stuff, love seeing old minis get new life breathed into them and these really did turn out great