Off Topic Showcase

Its a must IMO. There are a lot of talented artists and modellers on the old site that have nothing to do with Chaos Dwarfs.

Granted we dont want sub–section sprawl but I think it would be a good section to have.

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It’s already there. This is the second time it’s been overlooked!

I think we are just a bit unfamiliar with the structure. I didn’t see it at first either… :slight_smile:
Maybe it could be moved from the Offtopic section to the Showcase section?

That’s where I had it initially, where you didn’t see it. So I moved out to it’s own section, and that’s where Willmark overlooked it. :slight_smile:

It’s definitely from being unfamiliar with the structure, for sure.

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Haha, we are obviously hard to please… :rofl:

Hah, more like the software is similiar to forum software but a bit different, hence why we keep missing it :wink:

I think we’ll get used to it. I like the placement of off-topic showcase here better than on old CDO. Tighter. :slight_smile: