Old GW metal models question

so this just occurred to me and I’m wondering what your opinions are. Notice all the silver nubs, have a flat round surface, and then a second round in the center. Do y’all think that second center round is actual sculpt or flash/vent?


I never noticed, nor did I ever think about it … but I only have one original BigHat model, maybe that’s why?!

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I’ve noticed it on several models, but never really thought about it. I thought that they may have been part of the sculpting process that was not cleaned up. It’s never been enough extra material to be like regular flash, but it’s not consistent enough to be an intended design.

Without knowing if you are comparing models of the exact same sculpt, it’s harder to say. For my part, I think it is partially design, but the inconsistency may be through age of models and lower quality of technology/technique of the time they were cast.

Ahh you mean the piddly little annoying strands of metal that occur in certain spots on models? Aren’t they usually on less detailed sections of sculpt like the edge of a skirt or weapon?

Yeah, its not so much flash, but looks like it could be vent material. Though the thing thst makes me think its not is that there is one on nearly every little round nub. Seems like excessive venting. But I dont really know the process. And then not every circle has the nub, which would be a vote for vent. I left them and painted like rivets

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They definitely are vent flashing. I have the exact same figure from a collection I got some time back. Here it is.

Notice that some of the disc spots have them, others do not. If they were part of the sculpt, all would have them. They are much more noticeable on this casting than on yours, but yours may be a later pewter cast. This one is lead.

After a few quick swipes with my Tamiya steel file, here’s what he looks like now!

Now to strip him down and re-paint!


Excellent! Kinda what I thought. Thanks!