Old school miniatures Hobgoblins (SciFi?!)

OS miniatures say that these and more will be available soon!


Wouldn’t have thought there would be any demand for hobgoblins in 40k setting. Could make hobgoblin blunderbusses for fantasy though…


Hello, based department? My card number is –

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Those look like great fun, might have to pick a few up.

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They’d make a great gorkamorka or nexromunda gang


maybe combine them with some plucky grots. Oh god, I see a project coming on.


Nice; even though there aren’t any hobgoblins/grots/gretchen in 40k these could be cool to use as Ork allies for Chaos Squats in a Rogue Trader game.


My thoughts exactly. GET OUT OF MY BRAIN

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So I bought a full set of these, and the only issue with getting them into Gorkamorka is the obvious issue with vehicles.

I have a lot of grots for a rebel grot gang, but I’m interested in doing something with these guys because they could pull a double shift in the Hashut Iron Warriors army.

I’m comfortable that I can do a decent headswap on a human driver, but I’m just torn on what sort of vehicle they would drive around in. The normal Trukk looks too orky for their tastes, they’re a bit more refined, and also a bit less rough and ready.

Will keep thinking, but interested if anyone has any recommendations for what a Hobgoblin Trukk would look like!

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This is a good question. I doubt my ideas below will be very novel but better than your average land campervan playset-toy.

Maybe lootin a taurox or somethin boxy like that but a bit mor ruggid?

I could see this working too?

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I did think about the Goliath, which I actually already has, and it does meet a lot of Gorkamorka needs - it’s somewhat open-topped, and Has Gun.

I also considered the Taurox but it’s a little too much of a sealed tin can in great condition. It doesn’t have a huge amount of hobgoblin to it, but more importantly, it’s not really suitable for gorkamorka unless I do huge amounts of surgery on it.

I also thought about a trukk but without the dumb Ork stuff on the front. That might really be the best bet.

I should also think about what might make decent converted bikes. I thought maybe the Cawdor ridgewalkers, but gorkamorka bikes are know for having a lot of dakka, and it’s hard for me to pick an aesthetic that really fits the hobgoblin of the future. Obviously you want something wolf-rider-esque, but I’m not really sure what that means in this context.

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No problem a little link spam can’t solve or exacerbate.

This has a slightly cleaner (for ork stuff) look than GW mayhaps? Company has all kinds of clearly speedfreakz ripoffs too

For hobgoblin bikes I’d probably want to see something more sportsbike and less harley low rider / chopper. Again (snooze warning), the genestealer cults atalan jackals are probably a quick solution even though they end up more dirtbike than sportsbike. (pretty low on dakka too)

One could feasonably take the leap to escher jetbikes. Some printed micro sized wolf leaping hood ornaments would go a long way for the meme of it. (thinking like the jaguar logo)

Speaking of memes, the silly admech greyhounds are… a thing. I’d say they’d need some significant effort de-admechhin but maybe I’m wrong and an wolfy head swap and removing the inspector gadgets from the saddle would go a long way. At least one things for sures on admech kits. You get good bits.


I love those, not least for the goblins swarming all over them. They’re strong contenders.

I need to think really carefully about what makes for good hobgoblin bikers, cos Atalan Jackals combined with Orlock quads looks pretty good, but I need some heads that will do the job - and Im not quite convinced Hobgrots will do the job this time.


I’m very impressed with Old School miniatures. If I were to buy anything new, it’s their doorbell I’d be ringing!

I love CDs of any era, but…I’m first and foremost a 3rd ed fanatic and OSM really have captured the feel so so well.