Old school paint jobs?

Im looking to paint my chaos dwarfs fully. not sure what paints to use to achieve the classic 94 bighat look. ill use citadel paints but last time i was in a store they changed all the names on me and i just dont know where to start. tried to look up any eavy metal guides in any old white dwarfs but i cant find one reference on what paints to use.

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About old GW paints, I remembered some talk about Coat d’Arms, and found you this:

Still I’m not sure if exactly getting the old colours right is what you want for oldschool paint jobs. The paints themselves can be bought in at least very similar colours from Vallejo (“gaming”) and Army Painter who even tried to fill the niche of GWs old set.
But oldschool pain jobs are mainly flashy and colourful, where the new paints could get you there even better.


If you do go with modern GW paints they have a conversion chart for the new names


Great resource

And here is an even more exhaustive list (I like this one better than the ubiquitous DakkaDakka list, at least for Old Citadel → Vallejo Model Colour). I would like to add though that those are always approximate matches – Coat d’Arms is the closest thing to old Citadel paints out there but they are sometimes said to be technically inferior to other ranges mentioned here (including the old Citadel paints). That being said, I would go for something that you are able to acquire locally. The specific range does not matter if you don’t obsess about the perfect match for Goblin Green.