Old World Bretonnian Plastic Leak: Supposed Pegasus Hero Model Built

From Facebook here.

Original Source: Reddit r/Bretonnian here.

As the Facebook post says, this is potentially the built form of the leaked car boot sale plastic Bretonnia minis.

This is not the same physical copy of the previously leaked pegasus knights sprue from the car boot sale. It may be a different product entirely. It is the same sprue design however.

Pictures initially posted in this thread, superseded by the better quality, root sourced images above.

Looks like a fantastic mini, gives me the same vibe as the Yndrasta stormcast character from :it: Dominio :it: (Which is a great mini imo, these official images don’t do it full justice.)

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Looks great. If I had one, I would hope that the wings are easily detachable for transport. I’m surprised it isn’t covered with delicate ribbons flowing everywhere that break off easily.

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Update: It is the same sprue design as the car boot sale leak.

Credit to Xus Mathom on Facebook group Warhammer The Old World.

Full model (Three variants) can be found in the Bretonnia reveals from Warhammer Day 2023 here.

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Oh, it makes me happy that they are planning to bring back the men-at-arms and peasant bowmen. If they would also re-release the old Mordheim mercenaries / free company… one can always dream. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know why anyone would want a box of 32 bowmen. Unless they are making them decent at shooting due to lots of ranks, it’s a bit excessive.

Two units of 16, maybe the kits have multiple build options as well (I’m not familiar with the kit) which would be pretty good. I feel like as a product choice it makes sense for all troop units to just double the box contents (assuming the decision is being applied unilaterally), it makes logistics easier and cheaper on their end and raises average purchase price without really reducing value.

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It’s just the old 16-model box twice, so you’ll be able to build two command units, maybe even four, depending on how the old sprues were designed, I’m not sure.

Also remember we have no clue yet about some crucial rules. IIRC they hinted that every model in a unit will be able to fight in close combat, not only the ones in base contact. If that is indeed the case, it stands to reason that this will also be true in the shooting phase. Suddenly 32 archers don’t seem so crazy anymore, does it? Especially if they are not exactly snipers.