One Page Rules Havoc Dwarfs

Hi y’all

I’ve looked through the forum but couldn’t see any reference to these, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve missed it or even I’d someone here was involved but this has been shared with me recently and got to say I like the look of it

There’s a few Skirmish and Full Army game systems for Fantasy and SciFi

Really simplified game system which includes a really cool looking list for Havoc Dwarfs

AoF - Havoc Dwarves v2.3.pdf

Love the old style of having Gargoyles and Golems in there

Apologies I’m advance if this has already been posted somewhere but thought it was worth share just incase


Very nice find, thanks for sharing @GhraskDragh ! These years there happen so many new things in the world of Chaos Dwarfs that a lot is bound to be brand new around here. :hatoff:

This looks neat.


Excellent find, looks like fun.


Tonight I stumbled across OPR and the Havoc Dwarves by coincidence, wanted to look up if people on CDO play it, and found this thread :smile:

So has anyone had a chance to give it a try? I got a very good first impression and would love to know about people’s experiences with the system, especially the Skirmish variety.


I really enjoyed

I’m not a big gaming guy so I’m not sure how in depth I can get but I can say for sure the Warriors felt like an iron block moving forward, which I definitely didn’t feel playing other systems, how they should feel I think.

The magic is a little bit lack luster for me, but it is like old fantasy so maybe it’ll be familiar.

Bull Centaurs were incredible and rightly feared :grin:

Only played the one game so far but as a pair fathers who do not much spare time to play games we picked it up really quick in one evening and I think that was the best thing about it


Great find! One Page Rules are great for quick play rulesets. I have played with them before, though was for sci fi, not for the CD element which I didn’t know they had. As another gamer who barely ever has time for a game, I thought they were great from a quick to learn and fun to play point of view. Haven’t used them enough to get to strategy and tactics, but will likely play again in the future.