Opinions on rescaling Bully Centaurs 🐮

Hey y’all. I’m amping up to order a second batch of 3d printed models for my burgeoning chaos dwarf army (TOW Fire Dwarfs / Blanchitsu)

Among other things, I’m fixing to get a handful of Bull centaurs. These will be original sculpts and a single Fabelzel one to represent a Tau’ruk. These sculpts are however created for the 25x50mm bases in mind, and if you’ve seen it, you know that they look lost on the 50x75 bases that are required for TOW.

That being the case, I’m looking into rescaling them, so they fit the bases better. Apologies to GW oldhammer purists if you feel it’s an affront to the OG sculpts :sweat_smile:

So here’s how they look with no rescaling:

:point_up: Quite lost on the bases, similar size to the infantryman.

Scaled to 140%:

:point_up: Filling out the bases more, but looking a bit tall. Sacrilegous, I know, but the hats get a bit too tall on them, imo :grimacing: Also, the axe on the OG bulltaur looks a bit stretched.

Last one, scaled to 140% in width and breadth, but standard size in height:

I like this version. They fill out the base, the hats aren’t too tall (if a bit squished, tbf), and the great axe looks proportional.

Any ideas how to do this better? Comments or preferences on the different versions? I’d love to hear your thoughts :pray:


The 140% scale all over looks best to me. I think you might be able to get away with 130% if you are worried about them being too big.

I just had my friend do 150% and I found that to work perfectly. 140 also looks great

They will end up very tall regardless, and so does the FW ones

I think it was you who gave me the idea, as a matter of fact, so thanks for that :slight_smile:
Them ending up very tall is why I dabbled in the squished upscaling. I subsequently tried 150% in width and 115% in height, I think that gave the impression of a larger model, dwarfen in proportion, that didn’t look too squished.

The FW ones are very different in proportion, I think, and are bulky as all hell right out of the box. The OG ones are quite slim in comparison.

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Sorry, in my humbled opinion.
I think you have keep them in scale, With the foot trooper.
Just boost up the base height with terrain features.
Rocks, shale slabs, lava rock, dead cats… ect.

There’s a charm to it, I agree. Only, in my view it looks a little silly, and doesn’t correlate to the stats on paper.

I ended up scaling them individually, mirroring a few bodies, and changing out a weapon, so that they’re slightly different sizes, all different poses, and altogether intimidating. I’ll receive them at the end of the week, if all goes well, I’ll let y’all know how they turned out :crossed_fingers:


I’m interested in seeing the results of this, as the bull centaur scaling has been one of my personal pet issues. Would you be able to post photos of them with other models next to them for comparison?

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VaCa,YES please. LLH

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I won’t have any original sized ones physically, but I can set up a scene in blender (with bases) where you’ll be able to check the difference. Soon! Eta is by the end of this week.

My patience, however, is tested. So much so, in fact, that I am plotting the summoning of a great commander from the host of the lord of skulls himself. Just to bide the time, I’m certain I can control it.


Don’t control it, GO with it. give in to the power. Blood for the blood God…Sorry old habits die hard.

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I did it! I’m second guessing myself a lot right now, but here’s my line of thought: a Lamassu isn’t actually a huge buff monster - as a matter of fact it is the wizard of the monster world, so relatively small and frail. The great Taurus is a different matter, and it is still taller and more importantly wider than the upscaled bulltaurs. If you compare an upscaled Bulltaur torso and face to an infantryman, there isn’t much of a difference as a matter of fact. I mostly scaled them so the bodies would be longer and especially wider. There is no doubt when I look at this, that the regular ones are cavalry, and the bigger ones are monstrous cavalry.


I never paid close attention to that before, but it makes a lot of sense. The FW centaurs looked so different from the old school big hats that I imagined them as entirely different beings, but looking at how you kept the model and scaled it appropriately, the difference seems subtler but more logical.

This one is a very frustrating topic to me. Im annoyed we didnt get cav sized centaurs.

Cornixt did some tenderizers pushed by normal centaurs that fit the base. They also fit the rules very well.

I totally get the upsizing of the centaurs. I dont understand why gw tried to make them dragon ogres.

If you upsize them i agree you should do it minimally and keep them dwarfy proportions.

They should blend in better then.

I look forward to seeing yours painted


I am just going to run chaos knights as bull centaurs under ally rules