Pictures Not Showing Up

Over on old CDO, @Clam reported a specific error which I also have experienced:

I’ve signed up for the new forum. Anyone experience same problem as I? Lots of pictures (especially in your “Tjub’s blog”, Tjub) aint showing, but I can right click on those missing pictures and when opening link in another window a “”-url opens and I can see the picture?

Anyone have the same issue?

So far I have not had this problem.

Hmm, thats odd… Seems the new forum isn’t backing up the photos, just linking. Odd, will have to ask @Xander about it.

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The links are missing http:// which means they will not be rendered properly. Browsers are able to add http:// on your behalf assuming you mean to add that but forgot. You’ll need to edit your links and add that bit. :slight_smile:


Ok! :slight_smile:

Hmm, all of my links include “https://”. Maybe it got added by the browser? Anyway let me know if there is still a problem and Ill have to redo all the links I guess… :thinking:

httpS may be wrong, try dropping the S

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