Posting and Editing

Seems there was a Spamm protection putting a cap on how many topics new users can create within the first 24h. Ive now raised the bar to 20, so it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Ive also changed settings for editing posts, so you are now able to edit your post for as long as you wish. :slight_smile:


As of now, postings need to contain at least 20 characters. I guess this won’t be an issue for 99% of posts anyway, but is this limitation necessary?

Awesome. Nice work tjub!

No, I guess not… I assume the reason is that if you write an answer shorter than 20 characters you could as well just “like” the post.
I changed it to 5.


Is there a way to add a signature to my profile (posts), like on the old site?

I’m fairly certain there are no signatures on Discourse sites (unless modded in by admins maybe). But your profile customization does appear when people click on your avatar image. I think that’s intended to serve the purpose of a signature. Could be wrong but I tried to dig around for info.

Ok, thank you :slight_smile: