Printed and bound Word of Hashut

A job I’ve been meaning to complete for a while…

I’d prep’d all of the WoH pdf’’s into single pages back in 2011-12 with the plan to send them to a printer/binding company, but never got around to it. Enter 2020. With time on my hands I stumbled onto this old project, decided to add some fan-made army lists, and provide some business to a local book binding company that might not be getting the turnover they normally would. I think it turned out pretty well:

Vol. 1
Word of Hashut Issue 1 (Summer 2008)
Word of Hashut Issue 2 (Autumn 2008)
Word of Hashut Issue 3 (Winter 2009)
Word of Hashut Issue 4 (Spring 2009)
Word of Hashut Issue 5 (Summer 2009)

Vol. 2
Word of Hashut Issue 6 (Autumn 2009)
Word of Hashut Issue 7 (Winter 2010)
Dwarfs of Chaos (Kevin Coleman, Indy GT List, 2009)

Vol. 3
Word of Hashut Issue 8 (Spring 2010)
Warhammer: Chaos Dwarfs (Thommy H, 2010)

Vol. 4
Word of Hashut Issue 9 (Summer 2010)
Word of Hashut Issue 10 (Fall 2010)
Word of Hashut Issue 11 (Winter 2011)

Vol. 5
Word of Hashut Issue 12 (Spring 2012)
Warhammer: Chaos Dwarfs (Mathias Eliasson, ≈2013)
Warhammer: Chaos Dwarfs (Thommy H, 2014)


What an epic project - love this


Holy Hashut that’s amazing!!!
That’s a great idea and they look so smart, would be a privilege to have those on some shelves. I’m really impressed with this, I wish I could add more likes :+1:t2::vulcan_salute:t2:


Great idea and implementation! The books look really great! :+1:


Wow… :exploding_head:
Im so envious, this is truly deserved with all the hours poured into them from our older members! This is so cool, do I dare to ask what you had to pay for that?

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Man, this is so classy!

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Amazing initiative! Hat off. It’s so lovely to see. Well worth the investment. :slight_smile:

This reminds me that Herby wished for all CDO stories to be collected in PDF document form, to be printed out… We’ve got artist permissions to adorn them with some illustrations. Hm.


About as much as a small unit of GW hobgoblins (at eBay prices)