Problems with TW:W3 campaign?

Is anyone else having problems with the Immortal Empires campaign? I can’t play more than ten minutes without the game crashing. I’m using a MacBook Pro, for reference.

Background: I pre-ordered the game to play as our wicked, dour dwarves, but I was on vacation and didn’t open my computer until this morning. I couldn’t make it beyond the third turn of the chaos dwarf campaign; the game just crashes too much. I also received a warning when starting the game that my device doesn’t meet the usual requirements.

I was able to play chaos dwarf mods via TW:W2 with the same device just fine; I’m not sure what the issue is, and I’m borderline computer illiterate. I need some help!

Your computer is almost certainly running out of ‘run time memory’ (memory needed for real time). This isn’t the GB of your computer, but how much the computer can handle at one time. When it runs out of ‘real time’, it’ll crash the game.

With a new iteration of a game, they push the content. This means the requirements of your computer need to meet a new height. Imagine gaming is a continual high jump competition for computers. Each new game they have a new height to reach.

Games generally work better with a ‘dedicated graphics card’. Very few (unless a gaming laptop) laptops have a ‘dedicated GPU’. You might have a ‘discrete’ GPU, which is a half way house between a dedicated and integrated GPU.

So, the fact your computer did meet the requirements for TW2, doesn’t mean it’ll meet the requirements for TW3. And that it isn’t a gaming laptop with a dedicated GPU means…this will happen more and more.

Failing to meet the game’s requirements can be terminal, but also might not be. If you haven’t played much time on the game, Steam will give you a refund. Or if you wish to push one, you’ll need to turn down the graphics of the game to the minimum on everything. That may stop it crashing.


Dude, thank you so much! I’ve googled this same question, and the answers are incomprehensible. I wish more people could explain software issues in plain English like this.

I really want to play, so I’m going to try turning the graphics down. It may not be as fun, but if it works, it’s better than a refund.