Pyroven's [BATG 2023]


-1 Battle For Skull Pass Cannon Crewmember

-1 Lost Thane Derethund (Grenadier miniatures Norse Dwarf available from Forlorn Hope Games)

Lost Thane Derethund has returned to the Dawi after two decades expeditioning east of the world’s Edge Mountains. His beard blacker, and curled as if unentwined after many years of coiled braiding. He is graver now and refrains from unmasking his face, and he is absolutely solemn on the topic of the seductive powers of Chaos. When asked about his adventure, he simply states “I was a fool to have ever parted with the Karak Brun, and I was a fool to have allowed myself to indulge in the adventure for so long.”

-15 Colin Dixon Dwarf Hammerers

Total for the month: -17
Running score: +58