Pyroven's Karak Brun (Order Dwarfs)

I’ve finished a lot of order dwarfs recently, so I took some better army pictures of them.

Behold, the parade of Karak Brun.

An army 16 years or so in the making, but 80% of what’s here has been finished in the last year or two.

Games Workshop Dwarf Ironbreakers painted by me, with a Mordheim Dwarf as unit champion.

Got these guys unbased but painted from an Ebay job lot, they were painted well enough that I didn’t want to undo the good work!

Longbeards based on a page in the 2005 (“6.5th Edition”) Dwarf Army Book, using the multipart plastic warriors kit and the Longbeard masks within.

Also here is Swingi and Furgrin (Grenadier Models Dwarf Bear Rider).

Swingi and Furgrin - See More

Painting a Dwarf Bear Rider from dwarfs by Grenadier Models from Forlorn Hope Games
Swingi and Furgrin (Grenadier Models 1989 Dwaf on Bear) with some facial reconstruction surgery.

  • Dwarf High King Thorgrim (4th Edition, 1992/3)
  • Ungrim Ironfist painted as a gift from my stepfather
  • “Lost Thane Derethund” (Dwarf with Mace by Grendier Models, cast by Forlorn Hope Games)
  • Imperial Dwarf Thane/Ironbreaker (DWA01 Thoren, Dwarf hero by CP Models).
Thorgrim - See More

"Lost Thane Derethund" (Grenadier Models Norse Dwarf) - See More


  • “Grungdalf Arsekicker” (Runelord Grung (1996) by Games Workshop)
  • “Big Lyds” (Dwarf Princess by Antediluvian Miniatures)
  • Thane with BSB
Grungdalf Arsekicker (Runelord Grung) - See more

1996 Runelord Grung alteration/conversion
Warhammer 1996 Dwarf Runelord Grung Converted and Painted

"Big Lyds" (Dwarf Princess) - See More

Dwarf Princess by Antediluvian Miniatures

Battle for Skull Pass Miners

Miners - See More


Battle For Skull Pass Thunderers

Thunderers - See More


Colin Dixon Hammerers

Hammerers - See More

Metal 1996 Warhammer Dwarf Hammerers

The Beginnings of my Dwarf Ranger unit

  • Classic Bugman (1993) from my first visit to Warhammer World circa summer 2018
  • Brewmaster Olaf by Ral Partha
  • Dwarf Captain by Bad Squiddo
  • “Gabri Ladra” (Unreleased dwarf by Games Workshop)

Also picture in the background is a Ral Partha Dwarf Ornithopter

Bugman - See More

Always be your own biggest fan

Brewmaster Olaf - See More

Dwarf Ornithopter - See More

  • Engineer with Handgun (1996(?) Dwarf Thunderer)
  • Organ Gun
  • Flame Cannon
  • Battle for Skull Pass Cannon
  • Multipart plastic Cannon
Battle For Skull Pass Cannon - See More

Crewmember - BATG Post
Battle for Skull Pass Dwarf Cannon Crew - From right back when I first restarted the hobby in 2018!

Dwarf Steam Tank Conversion - See More


Battle For Skull Pass Dwarf Slayer


Wow! What a mighty force!!! Look great!


what all are we looking at here pyro? looks like a very broad range!

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I originally had some more explanation of the minis in the image captions but I’ve added some more explanations now, I’ll update some more in the future too.

It would have been wise of me to withhold posting until I’d made a more comprehensive post but I was excited haha


A really lovely painted dwarf army. I love the bear rider amongst the troops


Ive just noticed you have that ral partha plane thing. Id like you to post that when its finished. I have one too, ive not seen one painted

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