Ravening horde advice for a new player

Had a big hat army in my teens but sold.

Now I’ve got some mm90s and will get reinforcements from old school minatures (once they release) and knightmare minatures (goblin models look tall, so seem like they’d pass for hobgoblins.

Plans is to have a core of dwarfs, two infantry and a blunderbuss unit.

On top of that an earthshaker and a nice squad of bull centaurs (maybe buy ten boar riders to represent)

Was wondering about rest of list. Not going into points at the moment, just want a reasonable and flexible selection of nice models

Love knightmare games models so plan to get 30 goblins on heavy armour (will run as hobgoblins in light armour, with handweapons)

I am then getting either a squad of ten wolf riders, or two ten man squads of hobgoblins.

My question is what’s best? Small hbgoblin squads could shield my dwarfs and annoy chargers, but wolf riders could keep up with bulls, and hang about in enemies deployment zone causing issues.

Not sure if bows or hand weapons is best either. Any thougts on best way to go (or direction to a ravening hordes tactic thread?)


I like the sound of this army. Hope you do a blog! I prefer having blocks ofhobbo foot soldiers (2pts each i think). They are more of a threat to other units i think. At the end of the day you will want the lot. I think the hobbos on foot will see more action. Hobbo big bosses on wolves can fill the job of wolf riders (probably better at it) but a couple of big bosses in 10 wolfriders would be nice. The hobbo archers i haven’t used yet but i think they will be really useful.

The assault group do some great dwarf cavalry that could easily fit as chaos dwarves with the right paint job


Thanks, that was though process.

I get that a block of hobgoblins in armour with Shields isn’t perhaps the most efficient, but love the heavily armoured goblins knightmare games have, and wanted to work them in.

Went for two blocks of archers on the end. Just nice models to paint, and even if archers are a bit crap I feel they may have a bit of a psychological row, and draw more attention that naked hobgobs, which I suppose is there role.

Wolf riders will be a long run purchase.

Will be posting on Facebook page when I get started but currently finishing a squat inquisition list (chaos dwarfs next in the list)


Totally just pick what you find cool! Those knightmare goblins look amazing as chaos hobbos, if i had them id use them too