Re painting my classics


I talk to much in general the plan is to post my newly painted classic miniatures but first i think I should tell I’m from the old forum thingy and only now discovered that this new and improved bit is here online (I might have posted some stuff not knowing the old forum wasnt active anymore)

very fitting and all as now cos of corona I’m repainting my classics for fun

now lets see If i can attach or upload a picture…

Oh I think that worked and apparently drag and drop works too…

clicking +Create Topic in 3. 2. 1…


OK so the idea of repainting them came from finally painting the Chaos Warrior from Hero Quest (You know that one game that got many of my generation into all this.) I tried painting it in colours that fitted the models origin and loved that so much i thought I should do that to all my chaos dwarves too.

So I started on a few of the classics I still had unpainted but right now I’m already stripping a few to re paint them.

annyways, more miniatures:

Thats it for now, more soon.


Welcome to the new forum @Bolg !

I was just reading some of your posts on the old forum which is still usable for now but we are all encouraged to move across to this new platform as it is the future of CDO.

At 1st I was very hesitant, being very Dawi like myself I am not a fan of change but after jumping in and having a go I am finding this to feel like home very quickly. There are a few changes here but the guys in charge are doing some great work in bringing across elements of the old forum to make us old timers feel more at home including those much loved classic emojis and medals from the old system :hatoff:

I must say your mini’s are looking good and I am eager to see more of your work! Great to see everyone getting together again :hat:


Welcome back Bolg, great to have you on board once again! :smiley:



Welcome to the new setting

I must say I’m enjoying this influx of familiar names and enjoying seeing these Marauders too, such classic minis it’s great to see them getting an update and that Chaos Warrior that kicked it all off looks amazing


Welcome to the new forum @Bolg !!! We’ve had a recent flutter of original forum members join up of late and it’s great to have you all aboard!

Lovely miniatures - can’t wait to see more :smiley:

I notice you had an impressive collection of medals on the original forum. I’ll update your new account and re-award those later today so that they appear on this new profile. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. It will take a bit before in more fluent with the new forum but I really like the idea and I missed the interaction of the old forum. (I’m not on FB as its evil but do have Instagram (Tandexborstello) but it’s not the same) tried uploading a new photos on my phone but it might be a to old model (or I am) and didn’t work.

I loved that my old user name was here waiting for me so yes @Oxymandias I would love all my old pixel medals back. No rush.

It’s already done @Bolg :smiley:

Ah upload seems to work now. Great. More pictures to share (:

(Did not have a proper chaos shield for this guy and a classic round one didn’t look good so I fixed him one from some leftover plasticard and a bit of greenstuff. Pretty happy with the result, will do this more often)


Cool that you are here! I like the painting of your models extraordinarily well! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your newly painted models! :anvil:


Thanks Zanko. Will do.

This one is just finished, it’s not officially a classic but if I’m not mistaken it was sculpted by @Clam and it goes great with a unit of old metal miniatures.


Wow! This model is beautiful! I love the banner.

@Bolg If you are up for sharing him with the wider world any chance you could snap a pic of him on a pure white background? Like a piece of paper or something? I think I’ve got a perfect spot for him in the zine that I’m working on. Full credit would be given of course.

@Oxymandias I’ll try. I have a collection of weird backdrops I shoot my minis in front of as my experience with a white backdrop isnt so great but the whole reason I put them online is cos i like to share the pics so (:

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It’s not impossible to put in the zine without the white background btw. So feel you have to! It’s just the page I have in mind, it would help.

No stress either way. Cheers @Bolg

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The banner is ace! :metal: Stunning work - both the CD and the banner! :cd1991:


Im a bit of a fan of crazy bright coloured chaos dwarves. Yours look great so far. Really like the banner on clams sculpt. Keep up the good work.cheers


Thanks. and yes crazy bright is kinda the color that should right. maybe only a little realistic (and no green bases)

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Lovely work on that banner! I also like the armour colours halved like that

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Finished 2 more.

Was hard to pick the colours for this one as it’s just one big ball of fluffyness.
Glad I had one classic shield with a hole in it as it fits the model very well.

No clue what this one is doing but could focus on the skin and that’s a great way to bring some extra colours in the unit.


Seeing a lot more love for the old guys again, love it