Reaver Sacks the Grey Havens [BATG 2023]

Musicians were taken into last year’s count but the recently finished bonus familiars will be counted here. Unfortunately those were almost all brand new sculpts this year… so… 8 added to the pile and 9 removed.


Going in the positive with these battleforge hobs that just arrived from @Shef

Excited to work on these clothgobs.


Will you go with green skin? For some reason im expecting a pale pink/brown skin

Probably green, I did green on my musician gobs (since that just felt right, without much thought) and might want them to increase the ranks of this unit. I’ll probably stick with pale pinks with purple and brown fleshtones on things like the lamassu and future centaurs.

I don’t know, for some reason these speak to me as craving traditional hobgob green. They have an unexpected strangely endearing quality that makes me want to snort some of that good ol goblin green.

Now… If I get to LKM mongoblins. I could see myself going a different direction. or not… I’m nothing if not inconsistent


If i had your skills id add playing cards to sticking out of the top hat guy. :tophat: pinnochio style

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Not so quick unit of corsair chaff. Back in the negatives… for now…


How did you make this table

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Here’s what it looks like in the post editor.
Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 3.18.03 PM

As a handy note, you can highlight text in posts including other folks’ posts and use the quote button that appears to have it brought into the post editor so you can loot their formatting.

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Just received my Red Bard Ogres Kickstarter. Highly recommend, great communication, efficient campaign, quick delivery, high quality sculpts and prints.

Unexpectedly received two bonus freebie ogres that I have to add to the tally now. The ogre tummy drummer has summoned friendos


Blitz-and- @chitzkoi airmailed this boaty loot across the great pond. Customs took its sweet time assessing this wagon-fulla pancakes such that this could’ve been lost to the warp. Yet today Chaos reigns just as planned and I’m the fortunate recipient of its gifts. When Chaos reigns, it pours.

Thankfully these models have re-emerged and will stay within the cozy garden wall of CDO. Hopefully they are seaworthy…

Rockin a beeeeg beefy +2 and pulling a swift grey deflect. 2 of these will land in camp @KhamdrimSkyMaster , a fitting home for flying things.

Not pictured was some of Oxy’s nightmare fuel. Tau fire warrior bits that will be put to good use in some tank interiors and dioramas.

2023, year of the big models, continues.


Oh I’m very excited for what you’re going to do with these!

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Rest assured there will be Chaos


The battle goes poorly fellow warriors.

Rest assured there will be TOTAL WAR before the year is over. And I mean war against the grey… not degenerately binge gaming which I’m definitely not doing right now out of hype for the upcoming release.

Minis are coming out of left field, over the river and through the woods from grandmothers house, raining sideways in my windows, you name it.

Logging a plus 31. Pics will hopefully be coming up soon as I get this madness sorted…


Hopping off the pain train and back on the paint train. I hope…

Two quick Ankh minis swept off my painting table with a good bit of dry-brushing


Knocking out the big guardians for Ankh. Not too many pairs left.


Cleared up the Ankh on my bench. Hopefully back to myriad Chaos Dwarf projects. Very pleased with the beetles for how fast they were.


Oh man you are killing these!

So much inspiration!

How did you get the colorshift effect?

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Thanks man! I need to work up what proxies they all could be for Tomb Kings. Without most of them falling into the Ushabti or Tomb Scorpion buckets.

The colorshift was done with a turquoise base coat over zenithal prime. Then I roughed in the purple area and green area using translucent Warcolours paints, coming back with water on another brush quickly to fade it in and leave some turquoise showing through. My usual cheap-as-free not-nuln oil mix. Last, picked out the areas again using a drybrush to preserve the texture. (in order: purple, medium purple, turquoise, turquoise lime green mix, lime green, lime green highlighter yellow mix)

Sounds like a lot of steps written out… but none of it was precise work. Big fat brush over a large area.


Good things come to those who hobby hangout. Experts say, CDOs total BATG productivity has a direct link to hobby hangout frequency. Or maybe those experts said BATG is tied to shame ridden petrification, I can’t remember the commercial.

Got these finished up while having a chat with @Oxymandias about rat catching ninja warrior obstacles. 2 contest gobs were already accounted for, but a nice -22 for me so I’m back in the negative briefly.


Even a beeg chonky hippo only counts as 1. Good hobby hangouts again to credit for this completion. The year of the Chaos Dwarf continues.