Reaver's Battle Against the Grey [BATG 2022]

I absolutely love this game and you’ve really brought this set to life, fantastic work!


Welcome to the vaunted halls of CDO fellow hunter!

Look at what I pulled out of my sandy pockets! The first 9 test models for the board game Ankh. A bit preemptive given that Bloodborne is unfinished but the hope is that these will set schemes in motion for some easy win Tomb Kings skeletons I’ve been assembling for nostalgia (and BATG).

I had to test a weird approach on these because the game uses snap rings to assign monsters to player colors. Unfortunately that meant base rims had to stay bare plastic. I modeled and FDM printed some fitted rim covers to assist during airbrushing that served to keep them clean.

Example of the base rim guards and a sneak peak of safe for work Bes.

Generic mummy

Generic mummy except it’s cats


I haven’t done a headcount for Ankh but my guess is around 75 miniatures that I plan to paint.


“If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it” - Dracula von Carstein, 1958


Damn your undead heroes look damned straight out of the art of the old world army books, great use of colour on them.

They’re simultaneously grim dark and yet the spot colours really make them pop, lovely stuff!

I love that blue hue to the fabric you’ve done, adds to the whole out-of-the-grave aesthetic.

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Claiming my Artisans entry now for tracking purposes. Will update with pics of humie filth when I am allowed.

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Best models in the undead haul? I think so. To think I traded a bottle of liquor for the whole lot of 80ish minis. Inconceivable.

Pretty happy with how dead Mrs. Commanderson turned out as well as my custom trees.


I like the riders so much it hurts me that we don’t have them easily available. Little skelechibibabies!


Byrgenwerth… Byrgenwerth… Blasphemous murderers… Blood-crazed fiends… Atonement for the wretches.

Rom the Vacuous Spider hides all manners of secrets. Take the plunge to the moonside lake to confront Rom and her children.

For a while I had a productivity block on lake ripples to match Rom’s boss arena, on the surface of an illusory lake. I’ll probably visit some gloss coats on the water’s surface after varnish. These models are keyed to the bases so I elected to try to accomplish the look without having to hack the model off the base.

Here is the whole Byrgenwerth expansion painted up! I am very pleased with this box and glad I saved these models for the end.

For those of you utterly tired of Bloodborne and these ceaseless ramblings of a blood crazed fiend…

I have…


Bloodborne model remaining. And it’s the best for last…


Wow, I’m.not sure what I’m more impressed with coming back to this thread all the time, the unique modelling and GS work that excels, the veriation of minis from multiple games and companies, the high standard of painting or the factory like quantity that they get put out at.

All more than incredible :hatoff:


Oh boy, these are horrible in the best sense of the word!


@KhamdrimSkyMaster gifted me this lovely tactical nuke when I was in pissing distance of -200.

Time to buckle down and paint some infantry. Elden Ring looms large on the horizon. The credit card charge date could be the nail in BATG2022 :coffin:….

Anyway here is the haul. LKM Immortals, well worth taking a BATG hit.

Night Lords kill team? Idk but they’re pretty cool.


I’m just glad they all got there in one piece, hahaha

But I also couldn’t let you achieve your goal of -200, muahahahaha

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25 is a wee drop in the ocean compared to the day the entirety of the lands between come knocking on my wallet’s door.


Headache because of the BATG balance, or do the immortals provide more levels of headache? ^^

None of any of the rest will matter if Elden Ring the board game hits my credit card this year. Not… one… bit…

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Btw, since you have them in front of you, may I misuse your thread and ask, if the musician is actually a one-part model as it seems on the pic?


Fair play. No misuse! Yes indeed the musician is one piece.

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A shame!
I could see this horn on a ranged unit.
But I see no way how one could change this immortal to not look like one, with all of his characteristic attributes like the shoulder pads, skirt and shoes being part of the model.

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Doable if you had to but far more pain than it’s worth. I’d sooner DIY a horn that looks like this than try to carve this guy up.

It’d be easier to hack a few bits off digitally before printing.