Reaver's Battle Against the Grey [BATG 2022]

It’s time to continue battling the grey in 2022. I’m glad to see fellow Zharr inclined hobbyists planning to fight the righteous war for the cause. I’ll be keeping a log here of models painted both Chaos Dwarf related and other miscellaneous pursuits. Last year’s efforts were fruitful with only a few major battles lost. I hope to continue that this year while tracking my progress against new purchases entering the grey pile.

Here are some of the project’s I’ll be looking to tackle this year:


The Official Tally

:heavy_plus_sign: New Models Purchased: 95
:heavy_plus_sign: New Models Created: 7
:heavy_minus_sign: Models Painted: 302

Total: -200

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Bloodborne the Board Game

Characters, bosses, mini-bosses
Models painted: 9

And chests
Models painted: 8


Bloodborne the Board Game

Mob enemies
Models painted: 72


Undead that were once dead and nearly died again in a grey pile of death. Here they will unlive again.

Many of these will be revitalizations of this wonderful score of oldhammer undead with a wholesome story to accompany them. I’ll really enjoy breathing some life into my first Warhammer Fantasy faction, especially the models that are older than I am.

Oldhammer Undead
Models painted: 81

Tomb Kings
Models painted: 21

Miscellaneous Undead
Models painted: 2

Models painted: 23


Erhm… I painted whatever these are. Random old sculpts using real shells. Could’ve probably found life as Chaos Dwarf familiars if not for the scenic base choice…

I think these were inspired by Mollog’s Mob but didn’t quite get finished in the same fleeting hobby breath.


With a name like “Large Huntsman” these were pretty Bloodboring.

Goddam do those combs of death pack a whollop though.


These are very cool, great idea too


Here come the brothers chonk. Two brothers. Quick and dirty chonky bros. That’s all, it’s just two brothers.

Merciless Watchers for Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons. Odd that they only put two in the board game as they often fight in trios.

Even with all of the Bloodborne painting last year I’ve only managed to finish two complete boxes (of ~10). Impressively annoying…


Easily the chorfiest Bloodborne boss of them all, Watchdog of the Old Lords. Oh the rage fighting this beasty in my first play. The board game rendition does it justice with one of the best minis in the set.

~5 bosses remaining across all of the boxes. Getting close to making contact with the cosmic horrors lurking deep in the expansions.


Wow dude…that guy is an absolute beast :hashut1:

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I agree with @GhraskDragh’s shout… what an awsome paintjob. It looks like its glowing! This might be one of my favorite so far!


@MichaelX shamed me into completing a Bloodborne box that was just one miniature short. So… the Hunter’s Dream expansion is now fully ready to hit the table.

At long last I have beckoned the nameless Moon Presence! Let us hope I am chosen as its cosmic heir, for I have collected insight just to gain audience with the Great One.

For anyone curious here are the colors used on the Moon Presence. Can’t speak enough to how well @warcolours work in a situation like this. Working time and the translucence really allow you to immerse yourself in blending over a relatively large mini. Had all of these colors arrayed on a wet palette. Just kept working the highlights, tinting the midtones, and pushing dark into the shadows.

Really pleased with how this box came together. The Moon Presence (also seen on my custom PS5 plates) is a gorgeous miniature and I’m happy with the added plasticard and sprue graves. Otherwise the various red hunter invaders and converted lanterns were some of the first minis I tackled in the whole game.


Woah @Reaver you’re a machine! And they all look SO GOOD with that limited palette. Keep it up!


Proud of you mate, good job. Looks great, as they always do!

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Stunning models @Reaver and great progress 6 days into the year! That Watchdog is amazing, and you could totally field that in a CD army as some kind of K’daai inspired beast. Likewise the Hunter’s Dream monster is beautifully painted, and I 'm really digging the flowers on the base (tutorial?). That is such a cool model, I may have to look for one loose just to paint. It has quite the Gigeresque/Alien feel to it.

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Thanks Jackswift!

I wish I could say I did these myself. Alas they are Green Stuff World flower tufts. There are also lots of etsy sellers that do these. Various colors and lengths of grass available.

A DIY solution would likely need a static grass applicator of sorts (I tried without and results were meh). Make a bunch of glue dots on a parchment paper and go to town with a grass applicator to get them to stand up nicely (then you still have to sort out creating and adhering the foamy flower shreds). If I were doing lots of these I would DIY, but couldn’t justify the time or money to get properly geared up. Also I don’t really need these in any sort of abundance so took the quick road.


Got it. Will check those out. Thank you, Sir!

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Hobby hangouts are easily the most productive painting hours. Shout to all the folks that join on the discord. It’s great fun waging the war against the grey with fellow worshippers of Hashut.

Made my way through all of the mobs for the Mergo’s Loft campaign expansion. Up next the Wet Nurse of the infant great one.

These attendants wander the spider infested halls and libraries that make up the Nightmare’s stronghold. Ascending the tower is accompanied by a descent into madness.


Can’t believe I fell behind with this blog, I’ve only just seen this flaming hound monstrosity! These are some of the most convincing fire effects I’ve seen and I’m now wondering how I would get hold of one of those things to play with…