Reaver's Battle Against the Grey [BATG 2022]

Amazing work, like Oxy said it’s so impressive to get this much done at such high quality


The Nightmare Apostle and her baby apostles. An odd “boss” inclusion in the board game given the exclusions… but an easy win against the grey with the aid of basically only grey paint.

I only have 2 more bosses in Bloodborne! One more spider and then the best for last!


Golden Hat model finished up! Will hyperlink when I’m allowed to put it in my Chaos Dwarf blog. Claiming it in this month mostly for my own productivity tracking (and impatience) purposes.


Long time no BATG. Been working on familiars I won’t take credit for until the unit is done. Also…

Elden Ring has hit this month hard as expected…
No Ragrets…

Anyway, here’s some oldhammer rugrats I love to undeath. They have so much character, so satisfying. I am not a fan of modern crypt ghouls, these however spark so much joy.


They’ve come out beautifully


Turns out gross video game induced degeneracy also encourages fast painting. So here are some snakes not on a plane.

This brings to a close another full box of Bloodborne, the Forbidden Woods. A place where good character builds go to die. The woods is the last large campaign expansion (containing 2 distinct campaigns). Really only have small campaigns and cleanup from the main boxes left…


3 mecha-squigs done for my random junkyard orks that shouldn’t be a thing but ork scratch builds and kitbashes in BFG and 40k are fun so…

Waaaagh ferda boyz it is

Pictures including the herders and scooter squig dragging meat lure painted last year so just a -3


Those squigs look lovely. Great job!

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Lovely job, got to love the squigs, incredible scratch builds :exploding_head::clap:t2: :hatoff:

Thanks! The squigs themselves are from Wargame Exclusive. The rest of the squad is a mosh of bits gained in mystery boxes

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Giant Lost Children of the Nightmare Frontier. Quick scheme to get them off my desk.


Don’t usually throw WIPs up here but I’ve put a good bit of converting effort into these models. They are Mage Knight cannons with some leftover oldhammer skellies converted into piratey crew. I was very happy to see I had a perfect 6 leftovers in the mystery box o dead.

The Dark Souls wheely skeleton was the genesis of the broken cannon pit crew idea. Helped to break the monotony of 3 identical cannons.

Also features a sneaky @tjub sculpt, I find they fit perfectly with oldhammer undead so I’ll be sneaking a few more of those in for base decorations.

Also this dude has a shell stuck on his head, what a goof.

These will make a great host of artillery when I add the two metal skull chuckers.


I must’ve been hit over the head with a brick because even after finishing these I’m still not done with the Bloodborne base game.

Hovering around 30 models left in all of Bloodborne.


So much YES!

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Love the little scorpion model under that second cannon!

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Here it is. The first additions to the pile. Officially committing to the BATG pain at time of purchase as I did last year. Here’s the loot I’m pledging for in the OSM kickstarter.

4x Boar Knights
4x Hvy Boar Knights
4x Boar Cmd

These probably won’t be used as standalones but for now I will count them as such for maximum pain.
4x Civilians (backpack squid too good)
1x Helper (barrows for the wheely god)

4x Hvy Wpn Boar Centaurs
1x Pony Centaur
1x Mounted General

Total +23 :batg1:
:hat4: .
:cry0: .


Courtesy of @tjub I have 3 more bone scorpions to hide in my undead legions.


A lowly tarnished rising from a pile of grey, I have finished the biggest block of skellies from my box-o-dead with @Zoddtheimmortal schemes(ish). On a leap of pure faith I added pink to the scheme. In Zodd we trust. Im very happy with the unit.

Recovered from the OSM purchase and am now sitting under -100. These pastels will make good practice for the pile of boars I’ll get when the Kickstarter fulfills. Or maybe I’ll just bail hard and paint them grey.

Absolutely phenomenal models in the metal command group and had to give special attention to the Wight with custom shield. I tried to use the same palette of colors on the shield and make a silhouette painting of Raya Lucaria Academy from Elden Ring.

There are some smaller Elden callouts in the freehand but my favorite miniature is a completely unrelated throwback to this poor dead adventurer that took an arrow in a crippling place. Probably ate one too many sweet rolls or was just sick of questing for singing nirnroot

Credit to @Oxymandias for his undead FOMO which spurred on some small conversions after seeing his units. Granted I caused the FOMO so actually maybe I should be thanking myself?


These look great! That wights shield really catches the eye-so impressive. You used a different sort of highlighting on the shields to give a tarnished effect on them. I obviously approve of the colours!

I dont want to spend my life painting a colour (thinking michael jacksons black or white here). Just when you start to get bored of a colour you can mix it up a bit, definitely feels more fun that way (if painting is fun?).

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I want to get off Mr Bones Wild Ride

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