Customizing a PS5

Some may have seen in the discord but finally I finished this project and am ready to dump images here! I tried to document the process. It was a new and unique challenge for me coming from mostly 3D objects to try and create something on this large 2D surface.

Safe to say it was an entirely different beast. I set out to make an iconically Bloodborne themed PS5, as that was the game that finally pushed me into the console realm. Taking the arduous plunge into the quagmire of trying to purchase a console in pandemic + holiday shortages was worth it, except… the thing was white, darn elves trying to insert their aesthetic into my life. This slight could not be left to fester in my abode.

Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t started to sell replacement plates yet… so I was left with the long process of doing something with my current plates.

And so the laboring began. Rattlecans and sealant to get it to a reasonable state…


Step 2: ruining my clean rattlecan work and going off the deep end into the uncharted waters of my airbrush booth for anything except priming/basecoating minis

And then to work on the easy side with my trusty WAY TOO TINY brushes…

Based on the descriptions in the game, my loose interpretation is (ignoring the Playstation symbol that I wanted to integrate into the design to make it pop): Hunters(1) guided by great ones(2) undergo a metamorphosis(3) into beasts(4)

The playstation symbol is a cutout that peaks into a black section behind. So this tactic helped to make it pop


Step 3: Pulling my hair out working on the blood moon, an iconic part of the Bloodborne plot and aesthetic. This by far took the most time…

Added clouds, field of happy little flowers in the foreground using one of those darn fan looking brushes I’ve never had a use for on miniatures other than cleaning baking soda off of bases. Knew I kept that thing around for a reason.


Step 4: Paleblood

The Moon Presence, a great one that is one of the major machinations behind the cryptic Fromsoft style storytelling. The great one that the player can either succumb to or defeat to transcend the limits of humanity depending on how you have deciphered the riddles of the plot.

Is it my favorite boss… no… but it is the essence of Bloodborne (and also something I could feasibly see myself accomplishing)

Started off with intent only to silhouette it but ended up getting pretty into it with detail. Although moonlight on all of those tentacles made my brain hurt.


And the final steps of gloss coating, matte coating, and reassembling the console.

Phew!! Thanks for reading!! Honestly I hope to do another one of these some day… Dark Souls 3 is calling me…


Paints used for anyone curious. In addition to some vallejo air paints in the same palette. Thankfully the relative translucence of the Warcolours paints worked to my advantage on the moon.

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flexin on too many level just because you have a ps5 lol

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Lol… zero skill involved in acquiring it. Just a tad bit of persistence and mostly dumb luck. Thankfully working remotely and camping discord servers with mods that live on twitter for you and send notifications is all that’s needed to hear about drops as long as I was in earshot of my lappy.

Edit: and a stimulus check to spend irresponsibly

You are a very talented artist. Very nice :smiley:

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WOW! :open_mouth:

Can we ban @Reaver from any painting comps due to being ridiculously OP??? haha :wink:
Very awesome job on that man, I am impressed! Best looking PS I have ever seen in my life, brilliant artwork! Bloody well done :hatoff: :beer:


Reaver OP. Can devs nerf plz?


Thanks very much folks!

Beware of my next codex release in which the meta has shifted me to utter trash, such that I will just sit on a shelf and collect dust.