"Unique" Hobby Experiences

Some of my “unique” hobby experiences…

  1. Back in 5th edition days, a dude playing chaos had his Khorne Lord get killed in a challenge by a dwarf slayer on the first turn. He was so pissed that he threw his (dead) metal Khorne lord across the room, and it literally embedded in the wall. Because metal is awesome and it can do that.
    It stayed in the wall for the weekend.
  2. In another 5th edition game, literally every war machine misfired and blew up, Empire and Dwarves on one side, CDs and goblins on the other side.
    Every godamned war machine from 4 armies blew up.
    We dubbed it the curse of buying cheap gunpowder from unscrupulous goblin merchants.
  3. Played a game once where my opponent used Coca Cola cans as proxies for every single unit…he had forgotten his army at home and had driven more than an hour, so we let it slide…as the victor I drank his defeated army. His general was chili fries.

Would not wanna play a dude with those levels of anger haha ! Khorne seems like the obvious choice I guess


I cant get my head around that level of impulse control. I’m not a controller thrower or wall puncher and I know that being one isn’t about what you’re doing - it’s about who you are. But it’s just a game of stats using beautiful minis!


Brilliant :cd1991gif:


Ahahah growing up my brother was definitely one of these.

A high functioning, talented athlete and basically a polymath though. Not much experience of losing. So I guess he struggled with it when we were kids.

Me on the other hand…I’ve had plenty of losing practise hahah. Came to peace with it as a fact of life early on :see_no_evil:


I can add to this thread as of today…

TLDR: I went into the middle of the woods to loot some vintage bones

So this started as a random phone number given to me by a friend. My friend had a conversation with some random guy that ran adjacent enough to miniatures to reveal that not only did this guy have a collection, he was willing to part with it.

My buddy gives me the number, tells me to text it and see if a deal can be made. A couple days pass. I fully expected no response. I knew the person was older and had played with his son. I figured that could bode well for some older models but my hopes were low in general.

A couple days pass, I’ve written it off and didn’t really see the point in pestering further.

But then, contact is made! Pictures are requested, potato pictures are received but even they show the makings of a gold mine. It’s fantasy, it’s oldhammer, it’s undead, it’s metal minis galore. @Oxymandias , @chitzkoi , and I do some sleuthing through the mashed potato pixels to figure out what might be hidden in the sandy egg crates and foam.

A meetup is planned, I ask what kind of compensation he wants to take them off his hands even though initially he was considering just giving them away as they were sitting unused. I would’ve felt bad taking such great items for free…

He says… If you show up with a bottle of Monkey Shoulder Scotch, all of the stuff is yours.
Hilarious, I admire the priorities here. It’s a glorious deal, he gives me directions to his place including the phrase “House is in the woods off the road”. Address is in East whoknowswhere Erehwon blumbleflarp. I drive to the liquor store, grab the biggest bottle of the goods for trade and proceed to venture into the dark unknown.

I think I’ve managed to find the place, creeping slowly up the long twisty driveway. No civilization in sight or earshot. There’s a man in the window waiting. I get out of the car, wishing I had brought my entire polearm collection. He opens the door and calls over to me, “come on in, we’ve only killed the last three people that stopped by”

Well I didn’t drive all this way for nothin, I grab the scotch and steel myself for aggressive negotiations.

And so ends the horror story…

The rest is disgustingly wholesome. So stop reading now if that isn’t how you wanted this to end.


Okay I warned you!
Anyway, the 70 somethin year old man was a world class human being, offering to share the scotch I brought. I’ll add pictures of the unboxing I did on discord but the minis were in immaculate condition. The trade happened seamlessly but he invited me to sit and chat for a while. Happy to oblige, given the deal I was getting I wanted him to understand that the minis would be in a good home.

He is a retired oceanographer (very well traveled and humorously sick of boats as a result) with an electrical engineering degree. He got into Warhammer Fantasy when his son was school aged. They would set up plywood tables across their above-ground pool, when not filled with water, and play games of WHFB with their collections. (unfortunately the son’s orc and goblin force had since been disbanded, I had to ask). His family has history in many wars, and several historical miniature collectors among them, a few even traveling the world for historical gaming and painting events.

The vaulted ceiling of the living room was lined with several plane models, some up to perhaps even 1/4 scale. Apparently when his son moved out to pursue Magic the Gathering tournaments the use of the Warhammer minis waned, but damn were they well looked after and stored. His son proved him wrong, making some money on Magic and eventually becoming a video game designer. The two of them still play games online, even some Warhammer titles which based on the description I am inferring as Vermintide.

He spoke a lot about travels in Europe and I unearthed the story of the specific Scotch brand he selected. Turns out he played me a bit, he just thought it was a funny thing to request given he didn’t even know if I was old enough to buy it. The brand choice came from a cruise he begrudgingly went on (see oceanographer comment, sick and tired of boats) in France. Apparently the British chef wasn’t cooking anything good so he weathered the storm via the scotch someone gave him on the boat.

We exchanged some good stories about Flat Stanley and his tribulations trying to get a picture of a paper cut-out in front of The Louvre. I shared my hilarious inability to take a safe-for-school-kids photo in NYC. Truly vintage NYC, thanks for that…

Other than those bits it was just good conversation. I told him about how excited people would be to see some of these old vintage minis given life again, thanked him for the ridiculous care they had been given for so long. Seriously, plastic skeletons without a broken spear in sight! Feast your eyes below, I promise I’m getting close to sharing the pictures! I told him about our emissary projects and how we’re sending wonderful painted minis around the globe.

He also offered up this wisdom:
Never go on a bike tour in a country that prides themselves on wind power (looking at you Denmark)

Baha! Still just words.
Even after all the years that passed, he was very happy to show me his Dieter Helsnicht on Manticore miniature that I think he was still proud of as the gem of his collection.

Necromancy Spell Cards, Beyond my comprehension!

Two catapults with full crew! Inconceivable!

All of this plus ~30 plastic skellies and 6 plastic skellyhorsies


I drooled a little


Reaver, what are you talking about?! That old house inna woods burned down over 30 years ago!


What an excellent story, glad it turned out so well.


Such a heartwarming story, and such an amazing collection! So glad to see that there are still untapped hoards like this out there…and fascinating people taking care of them!


Wonderful story, dear @Reaver ! Nice hoard. A heartwarming tale, with a horror start. The best of combinations. :smiley:

Swine Weekend

Last week was devoted to the Great Swine and Seal of Legend. The early week was devoted to sculpting some quick paraphernalia pieces for the great pig and seal army of @Eisenhans , and the display board built and painted by construction engineer Dennis. Thursday and Friday were devoted to preparing the four tournament armies en masse. Friday evening saw all four of us meeting up at Flanders’ house, for delicious grilled meat and a furor of activity to finish everything before the tournament the next day. We finished one and a half hour after midnight, and not much sleep was had.

Here is the display board with all four of our armies standing atop it in all its pink horror - I mean glory:

Video snippet by @Eisenhans

Dennis brought the display board with him to the personnel parking lot at his work. Thus everyone who walked past his car had a chance to glimpse a big pig inside it.

Two anecdotes emerged from this tournament.

I was more tired than I had ever been on a tournament during the third and last battle on saturday. I really needed to go to sleep, but forced myself to play through the game. I informed my opponent Benny (one of Sweden’s best army painters, and least succesful players - he played a wonderful Halfling army as Orcs & Goblins), and he helped by checking on rules and stats whenever something was unclear.

I didn’t think much of it, and went to sleep on a sofa immediately after my game ended.

I learnt, however, of two things that were said afterwards:

First, Svarten (one of the tournament organizers), went to Eisenhans and said: “You must come see this! Matte plays against Benny, and Benny has to look up stuff. In between dice rolls, Matte falls asleep. When Benny tells him what to roll, dice falls out of Matte’s hands, and then Benny dies!”

Benny, after the game, likewise said to Eisenhans:

“How fun is it to play against an opponent, when you have to tell him what he shall roll, and when you look up he stands asleep. And when I tell him to roll the dice, then I die!”

Poor Benny’s army was massacred by a sleepwalker, and he came last in the tournament and won a consolation prize (15mm Tjubbutaurs from me, and a sculpted carnivore plant from Eisenhans).

The second thing was on sunday. Being a cheapskate, I always avoid dining out during tournaments, but brings food along. I did not have time to prepare food in advance of the weekend as I usually do, since I got to Calle already during Thursday to help prepare models and bases en masse.

On sunday morning, we all bought food at a store, and went to the tournament. During lunch, a couple of people sat in the same group of sofas as me. Then, Benny’s wife (another of Sweden’s best painters of armies), remarked: “Here I come with my feminine aura, and then you sit there and first you take a bite off the garlic bread, and then off the brie cheese, and then off the cognac-medwürst. And you don’t even put them on the bread!”

A Vampire Count player: “I don’t think many others have your food habits.”

Flanders: “You were solution-focused. The food should get into the stomach.”



A monumental project indeed! Marvellous work, and great stories. Had a good chuckle. Congratulations on your somnambulant victory! :hatoff:

Especially love that seal on the banner. It looks as if it were saying saying “I’m going to eat your soul”, but it’s still adorable. :smile:


Nothing as great as the noodle incident, however I do have a few tales to tell.


My friend Darwin and I learned to play 8th edition together. When we felt we had the rules down, we went to the local game store.

I played against a guy whose name I never learned, and we just referred to him as “Cheaty Dwarf Guy.”
He didn’t so much as roll his dice, but place them in his hand and then turn his hand over. Somehow he never missed…:roll_eyes:

Darwin finds an opponent and brings out his gyrocopters. The league organizer, his opponent, and Cheaty Dwarf Guy tell him that gyros are worthless, and even sell him a fully painted one for $5. He proceeds to absolutely annihilate his opponent with said gyrocopters. The next week these same folk tell us how great gyrocopters are and if he’s playing Dwarfs he needs some. I guess we just weren’t that memorable.

I went to a different game store, they were doing a big paint thing for an upcoming tournament. The store provided some paint, so I sat down with my Lizardmen/Seraphon. As my army is all Bowser/Koopa themed, I brought out a bunch of my models, and got a few weird looks. One guy walks over picks up my Bastilladon, looks it over and says “ballsy.” And then walks away.

I built an Outhouse piece of terrain. When we rolled to see what kind of terrain it was, it was always the Wyrding Well. Once while playing a game, I had a skink priest with a cloak of feathers. I was flying him to get to the outhouse Wyrding Well. Someone had Eric Clapton’s Cocaine as a ringtone. As I was flying my skink through the air, this song starts playing, and then the skink lands and takes a drink from the outhouse, trying to heal his lost wound. I roll a 1 and the priest who drank from the toilet sat there vomiting.

Darwin has worse dice luck than Wil Wheaton. In one game he managed to blow up three of his artillery units. Two organ guns in one turn, and then a cannon in a later turn. He had 4 different sets of artillery dice, they all let him down.


I’ve returned from the pile of dead with an update and figured I’d share it here where the story began. It’s been a fun and different test putting all these lovely old minis on the table.

The character in this lot is truly something unique to their era. Enjoy some pictures!


Wonderful army! Such classics… :hatoff:


My unique hobby experience!

Over the summer I managed to pick up the Mordheim rulebook for relatively cheap. There’s a big community on facebook for the game, and I made a post on there asking if there was anyone local to Nottingham (where I live).

None other than John Blanche himself replies offering to have a game with me. As it turns out, he lives (literally) about a mile away from me. We now meet up once a month or so, play Mordheim, roll some dice, drink tea and chat shit.


Hot damn, talk about a unique experience! That’s pretty awesome, very happy how that turned out :slight_smile: Give him all our regards.


That’s just crazy. You might half expect to meet a game designer that way because they have to be based near there, but I always figured that the illustrators would be out in Cornwall or something.


Haha well…I don’t think anybody’s going to top that!


Hot damn! Incredible luck haha