Reaver Rises from the Sand

Ahoy, nice to see an introductions category popping up. Through the podcast and discord, many of this may be old information but I’ll give it a not at all brief go anyway.

My name is Jared for those that haven’t clicked on my avatar image before. I’m an engineer from the Sandy States of America, specifically from a small town that, for a fleeting moment, made national news for 1 (or 9) of the largest potholes in the country. Second most noteworthy claim to national news happened when the paper mill I once worked at blew up and we got meme’d because the principle narrators of the event were truckers coming to the plant watching the sky rain half processed paper pulp.

Outside our plastic addled hobby proper, skiing (both alpine and nordic) is one of my most cherished activities. I’ve also taken to collecting board games as that synergizes with Warhammer based hobbying and allows me to get games in with various groups of friends. If anyone wants to play games on Tabletop Simulator I’d be happy to fire it up. Scythe, Root, Terra Mystica, and Bloodborne the board game are my go-to titles.

My hobby journey started with a gift of a metal Tomb King Ushabti. Prior to that my tabletop gaming had been relegated to pre-painted Mage Knights with click dial bases. I collected steampunk dwarves (surprise)… My one local friend in the hobby and I dabbled with fantasy before switching to LotR SBG during the era of the movie releases. We made many creations using popsicle sticks and styrofoam, usually locations in Middle Earth. (Eventually we would move our battlefielding into 40k).

Battlefleet Gothic absorbed our attention next and to this day is one of my favorite and most played systems from GW. The Tyranid hive mind pulled my focus. The minimal models and easy format for scratch builds are still compelling for me to this day. Eventually this downward spiral resulted in a full 40k faction to do narrative boarding actions. Battlefleet Gothic got put to death, in its death throes I picked up Tau as a second faction.

With the chaotic winds of GW’s favor, I shifted back to Tomb Kings with envy directed at the naval formats in General’s Compendium… TKs were then promptly cancelled (RIP Settra)… Short lived undead urges were not satisfied, so I started some piratey Vampire Coast conversions… It was difficult to finish full fantasy armies and my troops choices always lagged behind due to the sheer volume needed.

One birthday I bought myself piles of Daemons of Tzeentch and conversion bits for Thousand Sons. Silver Tower came out which bolstered my forces and my local friends started a bit of a paint and play group. At that time @KhamdrimSkyMaster and I were playing Total War Warhammer 1 and I was luring him into WHFB as a setting… Old CDO lurking at that time lead us to take the plunge into LoA models.

Now here we are today… Reavers of Uzkulak will continue to grow and plunder. The burgeoning cult of Walhut will spread. The podcast will continue to broadcast. These are immutable facts.


Here’s a link to my blog which honestly is my first real comprehensive effort at army building. All thanks to the inspiring community of CDO, the unparalleled creativity, and warming positivity. Without the old forum, this new Discourse, and all of you I might never have emerged from the deep pothole of unfieldable armies. My Instagram also has a longer standing log of projects.


Here are two of my favorite hobby stories:
To fosche or not to fosche
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Last, one of my favorite budding threads, feel free to contribute!

As always, Praise Hashut! Praise Walhut!

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