Chaos Dwarf Renegade Culture Project

Depending on how much we want to tie things in with the Dawi Zharr, the port could’ve fallen to them; remember the DZ’s principle port is Uzkulak in the north and I imagine they’d see such a port as a rival for maritime activities. Maybe after the fleet was blown away, leaving the port vulnerable, the Iron Fleet captured it as a client kingdom, but only kept a token force there, which left it vulnerable to the Walhut worshipers that came back to reclaim it. The IF tried to retake it, but the Walhuti and the blessings of their sea god were enough to hold them off and the DZ decided that while they could eventually retake the port, the cost would be too high, so begrudgingly let it go.

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Oooh I like that better. Fits well. I could push the contact with the DZ back to 650. Other clans won’t be bothered. It was set up as the weakest on purpose. Also allows easy point of contact and trade with the DZ for 800 years.

Do you guys like the concept/ method of working Walhut in. If so let me know and I will update the time line.

I could also do with some help on names (Khazalid is not my strong suit and Walhut not my baby so to speak). Also on the look out for names for the various gods other tha Walhut, so we would have xxxx the Princeling etc. Finally if someone wants to give a description of Walhut and his attributes then I can add that to the gods section.

I’ll update the Walhut bit with the DZs now

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Walhut is completely homebrew, but something I’ve come to enjoy immensely. It has a frozen northern aquatic vibe. It’s also hilarious to make a walrus evil and deadly taking-a-deep-breath-short-film-showcase

I would love if walhut were incorporated into the timeline. My story names one [insert cool title here] named Longran Hooktooth. I was trying to play off Long John Silver.

Talk to @Reaver and @MichaelX for creation of the concept. They are the two popes of the faith (from what I know). They have been touched, deeply, by his flippery appendage.

Ok I really like this. Like a whole lot. Instead of everything happening in the North, where things are tending to get a bit crowded, the southern pole has been untouched. I def missed this the first time. Being high on painkillers has its downfalls.

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I’ve been trying to think of a pun for Davey Jones to suggest for this. Davey is easy - Davvi (double pun because it looks like Dawi) - but no idea for Jones; best I’ve got is that Jones is derived from Johan which means ‘God is gracious’ according to Wikipedia, so something like ‘Walhutdal’ (dal is dwarfish for ‘good’ acording to the Warhammer wiki, Walhutdal = Walhut is Good), but that sounds a bit too obscure/obtuse and not very punny. :man_shrugging:t2:

Excited to see the Walhut canon growing!

Here are some general thoughts on the nature of Walhut as I see it, mostly compiled from @MichaelX and other folks discussing on the discord. Consider these more as vague musings and inspiration as opposed to guidance. I’m really happy to see this grow however the community wills it. I confess to not be caught up in this Culture Project, so use this information as you see fit.

Chaos Dwarfs of Walhut were marooned from the greater chaos dwarf culture so long ago that vestiges of Hashut’s power (originally in the form of artifacts and long ago petrified daemonsmith/sorcerers) are very much dwindling. Eroded statues, broken or lost artifacts, etc

The Walhut worshippers might have shrines that contain relics of their past but they no longer understand their original intent. Over time the degradation of those relics and their power even became physical as later generations tried to revitalize them. Attempts to replace the precious relics were misinterpreted, the power convoluted, the symbology evolving into the only thing they truly worship, the walrus itself.

They still believe in a godly being presiding over their culture, watching over their valuable herd (huddle) of walruses. What was a tenuous grasp on Hashut morphed into an entirely different diety. A fragment of Hashut they breathed some life into through worship. In reality Walhut is quite minor in the grand scale, but in their culture, it’s all they know.

Inuits would be a good basis and perhaps even for naming. There’s retention in of the “k” which seems appropriate for CDs. I was also thinking very much like the Native American relationship with the bison, so do Walhut CDs revere and respect walruses, using every part of them for survival.

Tusk weapons, carvings and embellishments are universal and display the roots of craftsmanship known in CD culture, albeit in a different medium. Regarding armor, crude metal salvage or repurposing is present but not common. These are lost arts, over generations they learned to work with their readily available materials.

@chitzkoi can be credited for these bits of inspiration. I’ll let him speak to them.
Assiminik - Zealous
Piktaungitok - Evil
Tonraq - Spirit
Akluitoq - Wealthy
Karpok - Hungry

Blubber for the blubber god! Tusks for the tusk throne!
“In the name of the flipper, the whiskers and the holy tusk. Amen” - @Oxymandias
May the good blubber guide our way - adage of the Blubberborne


I absolutely love how a single wordplay joke created this ^^^ and keeps on giving!

Praise Walhut!


If we want the separation longer then they need to arrive back later

Possibly 1500 ic
This would give >2000 yrs allowing a dwarf generation to be 4x human then 20 generations

Also if we want a derivation from Hashut we could have a joint fleet set of for conquest (Duraki) and Raiding (DZ)

I put them South continent as just too busy up north for them not to be noticed then brought them back

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Some names suggested

Original Duraki who heads south=

Bharti Kol , Black Bart most successful pirate ever

Longan Hooktooth Returning Walhuti Admiral

The port= Urbaz Varrdum = trading post of Chaos sea

Southern Dawi=Dawi Elgram =weak dwarfs

Gods names??

The Master of War

Kazakorakir = cunning war dwarf

The Lord of Fury

Dammazgrimni= unyielding bitterness

The Watcher in the Datk

Dumdokir = Dark watcher

The Ruler

Grimrik =grim king

The Oligarch


The Princeling

Branzulid=clever iron tongue

The Brute

Garazakir= fearsome crazed dwarf

The Survivor

Gazanrik=king of the wasteland


If you guys really are following through with this walhut stuff, im fully expecting to see walrus headed trolls or ogres or daemon prince conversions make its way into this army book. You got to go all in!


I have always thought a good GH would be Chaos dwarf Daemons… then the Walhuti could go wild


You could always use a more Nordic similar name like Davvi Jorgensson

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oh the huge manatee!


If Walhut is a twisted shard of Hashut, I’m not sure he’d have the power to manifest greater demons. Are there even greater demons of Hashut?

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It doesn’t seem to work that way. It seems that chaos dwarfs summon and bind daemons as slaves. Slaves to machines or suits of armour etc.It’s quite a different relationship to that of other chaos worshipers and daemons


Yesss we are the masters…they are the tools…


Understandably. I assumed the demons used in those processes were stolen from Nurgle or Khorne or Tzeentch or Slaanesh

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Yeah or generic daemons and daemons of lesser powers. Like furies and such. It’s a big old warp. Lots to choose from haha

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Imagine being a bloodthirsty and being dragged into the mortal realm only to have a cannon shoved up your arse.


Actually @Ihsan997 penned a short story on this subject haha. Well worth a read.

This should be somewhere in our booklet ^