Really Bad Eggs: Reaver’s Man o’ War [Jan 27 2024 - Shame of Thrones]

From Northern ports on the Sea of Chaos down the industrial canals to the Sea of Dread, the Reavers of Uzkulak ply the waters for the glory of the Dark Father. The infamous Ironclad Fleet of the Chaos Dwarfs encounters enemies to plunder beyond the crest of every swell. The restless dead lurk beneath the waves and other forces of Chaos change the tides of fate.

From the sands…
To the seas…
And the great deep beyond…
All will succumb…
All will become…
Ash in the name of Hashut.

Hailing all Sorcerer Prophets of the Dark Lands! It is aboat time that I, Reaver, from that washed up some odd hundreds of posts blog “Plunder for the Ironclad Fleet” start to post about a fleet of ironclads doing the plunder.

Witness as I stick my head in a sand filled pothole and fire off posts as noxious as a bumbardment of sandblasted unrefrigerated eggs. If you’re still reading, I’ll be posting mostly Chaos Dwarfs with some side projects of Tzeentch, undead, monsters, and terrain. Each of the below posts with headers will be categorized contents for each theme.

Time to fire up a new steampunk auto-click bot and cast off this blog! I’ll be architecting the format in the coming days and populating as much as I can until I get to making waves with my paintbrushes!


Chaos Dwarf Ironclad Fleet

Power from the Blood of Hashut rises on a tide of iron, dark are the ashen skies as the soot falls into turbulent seas

Black Kraken

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Tzeentch the Changer of Waves

Change is on the horizon, set your eyes upon the polychromatic sunrise

Flaming Scimitar

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Deadnizens of the Deep

With tattered sails and incredible tales we’re caught in endless seas

Dreadfleet Ships

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There are Always Bigger Fish, Dragons, and Crabs

C’mon get in the boat, fish fish…

Dreadfleet Monsters

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Land Ho!

Beached or breached?

Dreadfleet Terrain

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Arsecannon Fodder

Sundry humies and filthy elfses belong at the bottom of the sea

"Grand" Alliance

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Reserved but differently

For now, here is the recent shame accumulation for Chaos Dwarfs. I admit showing all this grey is little more than trying to quench your thirst with salt water.

To think this started as a purchase of a few ships from @Admiral … then @chitzkoi and I memed a cross-Atlantic Man o’War standoff… In a day and a half I was underwater with eBay listings and print orders.

You’ll recognize most here. Including some vanilla dwarf models I plan to convert.

The outliers are listed below for the uninitiated soon-to-be naval wargamers. Beware the scale of other game systems. For purchasing based on some guessing at potato internet pictures I’m pretty happy with the relative scales.

  • Uncharted Seas: Shroud Mages Destroyers because I thought they looked cool. Game system is OOP but still quite cheap.

  • Dystopian Wars: Empire of the Blazing Sun Frigates for use as boat-train like Azgorh themed ships of the line

  • Mantic Armada: Orc Rabble Squadron for use as hobgoblin dhows. Finders commission to @chitzkoi


Excited to see where the seas will take these fleets

Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink


Yes! Its happening!


Minchia! What an unexpected thread! A nautical game from reaver? Damn!

Gonna follow this


Changing it up a bit. Here lies the accumulation of Tzeentch shame. These will be super fun diversions as it’s been a while since I’ve had dedicated Tzeentch projects. I’ve got a few ideas to fill this out and change it up a bit.

eBay was rife with changer danger when I sank my teeth into boaty purchases.

Very happy to have several originals here as well as a lord of change from epic to supplement. The remainder are downsized prints.

It will be fun to concoct some scenarios with Tzeentch allying with Chaos Dwarfs and some as enemies. Change is fickle…


Last shame update to add for this blog (for now). Having not scored any old school sea creatures I scoured my 3D files for suitable proxies. Thanks to Draco Studios Legendary Dragons I have some neat proxies for water and storm dragons when ridiculously downsized.

A couple thingiverse finds and some of Warploque Minis (water elemental and snek) round out the monsters. The boat (originally humie filth), will likely become an undead conversion to accompany the Dreadfleet models that are well suited to dead-things.


Man, the size of those boxes compared to the model inside them… :rofl:


I guess GW were resistant to using blisterpacks for MoW. Did they at least have a polystyrene tray inside to stop the model from bouncing around so badly inside?

I love those CD warships, my favorites in the game, and there were a lot of good looking ships overall.


There was indeed some foam in there with compartments for various lil bits.

The CDs, Tzeentch, and Slaanesh are really great models imo.

Retail box sizing is akin to advertising, a good example of this is the ridiculously giant boxes some pokemon card products come in.

Edit: Silly ape brain thinks big thing=more valuable, as well as the fact it’s like a mini billboard on the shelf where it competes with other products


Ah neglected blog, lost at sea. A bottomless curse, a bottomless sea. Accepting of all that is, and can be.

I dug out my Dreadfleet minis that haven’t been properly documented here. Well timed given I have a new beeg black backdrop for photos.

Let’s start with the most important.