40k Junkyard Battlefield

Forgot I had a folder of images of this ol battlefield from the good ol days of unemployment. Beer and battlefielding were a good day’s work. I’ll be dumping images here of the various stages of not quite to completion. Over time I’ll populate some text on the posts. Sharing to maybe send some inspiration for scratch build terrainiacs. Lots of 90s and 00s nostalgia easter eggs hidden which I’ll try to list for an I spy.

Yes, yes we did crucify a space marine on a Y-Wing. I like to imagine the orks on the more fortified side of the battlefield using it for some much needed target practice.


Some closer WIP images. Ah did the dremel tool enjoy this project. It got to eat many things and hack many things up. Childhood catharsis achieved.

Dark Eldar where they belong, in a cage, and also dead. This ended up being a standalone terrain piece so it could be brandished on any battlefield.


Filling gaps and breaking up the flat sections with spackling


Sand applied then vacuumed off before the whole thing was sealed with many coats of Mod Podge, Some brushed on and some watered down and sprayed through an old Febreze bottle.

“I don’t hoard things, I’ll turn them into different junk eventually” - me, probably


And this is where we left off. Base coats applied. All things considered a fairly playable state but I’d love to add some color, pigments, metals and a bit of variety to this literal pile of junk turned into piles of junk.


Hopefully some recognizable references here. The junkyard spawned some follow on orky scratch builds.

The junkyard bot family

I spy list, truly not sure if all of these are visible in the pictures but for fun I’ll list some of the stuff from memory:

  • One of every ship from battleship (at least 4 are in one picture)
  • Several generations of citadel paint pots
  • Parts from at least two different Star Wars ships
  • Lego throwbots, robo-riders, and bionicle galore
  • Only a few actual games workshop bits
  • Every tool from Lego Rock Raiders
  • 2 Lego Racers and their cars
  • Somewhere there’s a lego man diving headfirst into the pile
  • One of my 9 mage knight steam golems
  • Sprue glorious sprue
  • A putty knife that broke and was glued in place
  • Probably a lot of beer caps but not nearly as many as were consumed during production
  • Similar to the previous except gluecaps from expended bottles
  • Most of the parts to build an old metal Skaven screaming bell scattered around (sans bell)
  • Lego ladder, Mage Knight Ladder, LotR SBG Ladder
  • A campfire

Wow, great scenery build! Very inspiring. I look forward to see the painting finished. :smile:

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Junkyard are amazing. You get rid off all your extra bits, everyone can paint them, and it s so much freeing just build random crap without much thinking nor archerype structures.
Great work! :idea2:


Epic battlefield! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Reaver this table looks amazing!

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