Long Live Battlefleet Gothic

BFG is one of my favorite systems to date and was the initial reason I bought any 40k models (oh what a glorious rabbit hole). My local friends and I had ambitions to play out boarding actions using 40k skirmishes. I started with Tyranids before transitioning over to Tau on the day BFG got cancelled and I bought up all of the Forgeworld Tau I could afford at the time. Since then I’ve been bolstering those fleets with kitbashes and scratch builds. Along the way discovering the joy of orbital space stations. There’s just something unique about the small scale that sparks creativity for me.

These two Silver Towers of Tzeentch had existed as garbage in a tupperware for too long, accumulated over several years of thinking “ooh that looks Tzeentch-y”. Eventually decided to actually put some action (and green stuff) to that pile of bits and make something out of it. Can’t even fully say where all the stuff came from anymore but I do distinctly remember some of the spirals are from when I stressfully took a 1/2" drill bit to the nose of my resin Iron Daemon to hollow it out.


While the converting and building was definitely the most enjoyable part, it was still fun getting these painted up (especially the bases and the eye). I used primarily translucent paints from Warcolours over the primer which was a new technique for me. Having no plan (or maybe that’s the ultimate plan) I can’t say that these turned out “Just as Planned” but the fickle changer of ways brought me to a point I’m relatively pleased with.


Yes mate! Awesome

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Amazing paintjob on that. All i saw was screws and cogs until it was painted. V impreesive

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It turned out fantastic! Well executed. :sunglasses:

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Thanks that’s good to hear that the painting added something. Honestly it’s hard for me to unsee it having built it. It was very hard to decide how much green stuffing was enough… The one with the spirals and screws was my original idea while the eye was the problem child filled with leftover ideas but in the end I think I like the problem child best, such is the way of Tzeentch.

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Mind is blown… :exploding_head:

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OOOFT this is awesome. Amazing work all around dude. You should post this in the BFG facebook group if you haven’t already!

I’ve never played BFG unfortunately, but its on my to do list. The box art cover is one of the most iconic pieces of warhammer art for me.


Just shared it over there, good thinkin!

Wow, highly creative and with marvellous results. The build itself is beautiful, but the paintjob really brings it all together. Stunning! :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for the kind words. Here’s another much simpler concept for some BFG Tau orbitals. Once again these spent many years accumulating bits, clippings, and trash in a plastic bag before things finally got put together. The launch bays came from a failed 3D print that sealed the deal on wanting to get these finished.


I’ve been recently interested in BFG

3D printing definitely makes an oop game out of my budget on the second hand market very very doable.

My gaming group has many games we already play campaigns planned so wouldn’t be any time soon.

I’d probably print 4-5 fleets and give them away so mates can get involved straight away. Wouldn’t cost me a lot at all


I’d definitely like to see if you print some fleets. A resin printer will certainly see a lot of BFG related use once I get one. I’m lucky that from my old collection I have plenty of Tau and Nids to play and can just entertain myself with custom builds and DIY stuff as the inspiration strikes.


Oh yeah and you’re proving bits box raiding is so useful for space stations and other bits.


Sounds amazing, I envy you… :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’d paint up a BBG fleet, but I wouldn’t have anyone to play.

We should all make a pact to retire somewhere nice in Europe for awesome Seniors gaming. :stuck_out_tongue: Assuming we can still read the small fonts of our old army books.


Haha sounds like a plan @Xander

I’m the same with BFG definitely a system I’d love but would struggle to get games


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