War Against The Gray [BATG 2022 overview thread]

With the new year approaching fast and the Shiney new BATG badges stirring interest I decided to start this BATG report overview.

If you partake, please feel free to drop a reply with the link to your batg report in a comment.

I will add them to this post for all to see! I’ll start…

What is BATG? It stands for Battle Against The Gray. It’s a way of trying to reduce your unpainted model backlog a bit each year regardless of how many models you acquired.

The rules are very simple!

  • You keep count of all new models aquire
  • You keep track of all models you paint.
  • Keep your model count universal. For example a warmachine and crew count as 1 model of the new model count and for the painted model count OR it counts as machine and 3 crew for both counts.
  • It’s meant to be good fun, if you cheat… you only cheat yourself.

EDIT: @BATG_Warriors i figured an extra rule/clarification would be in order concering giving away models. This one is all about intent.

  • If you have models you intend to paint they are in the pile of gray.
  • If you have models you dont intend to paint they are not in the pile of gray.

That means giving away models you never intended to paint does not count towards BATG. Giving away models you did intend to paint does count towards BATG.


Lord Astragoth has a large pile of gray models at the start of 2022. He wants to stop that pile from growing, so he enters the BATG project. At the start of 2022 he has 500 unpainted models. That’s not important. By August he has painted 50 models so he has a -50 batg score. In September he has a weak moment and buys a unit of 40 bull centaurs. His score is now -10. He feels so guilty he powers trough painting another 100 models by the end of the year. His score is now -110.
Lord Astragoth has painted 150 models in 2022, but the netto difference is only 110 because he also bought 40 models. He now has 390 grays for BATG 2023. This is good! Be like Lord Astragoth!

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I’m in!

Fifty shapes of grey [BATG 2022]


Prepare for battle!


Reaver’s BATG 2022


OK, I’m in, I really need the motivation. My work ethic when it comes to getting painting done is frankly appalling. Left to my own devices I’d spend the next 10 years painting and repainting the same miniature without ever considering it finished.

So long as people promise to actually nag me about it. I need some public shaming to get this done, I think.




And my axe!


You are not alone, @Habitual_Lurker. I painted a single gretchin this year. But no more slacking, Anzu. I need to have a fully painted Tomb Kings Army in April for our meetup, so let’s do this.


@chitzkoi I Liked your way of using the arrows to show it.



yoinked it from Jasko, you’re stealing stolen goods mate


It’s like a double negative chitz. The second stealing makes it original again.


I might add a “rebased” section to for rebasing my chaos warriors army to squares.

Wouldn’t be a score improver but would be productivity that doesn’t add models to the pile






Here’s mine:


I`m in!



That’s it, it’s all downhill for me from here…


Hello all,
An idea I submitted on Discord for the BATG:
> What if you create an offshore (we talk about plastic at gold price) miniature painting company, which of you are the sole owner. You transfer it some of your money for a start.
> This company buys your unpainted miniatures, so they are deducted from your grey pile, and you buy them back once they are painted by the owner of the company (you).
> This way, you only own painted miniatures, and you have assets in a company that paints miniatures and happens to have some stock of grey miniatures.
> I’m sure some people around here (such as Chitzkoi) would be competent to do that. Regarding your conscience, well, some people hide their money from taxes and believe it’s OK, are you ready to hide your grey miniatures and truly believe they belong to the company ?

That’s my best chance to end up positive in 2022 (2023 is a better target for me). Another chance for me would be to exploit another loophole: to buy plenty of miniatures “shares” in 2021, then sell enough the following years to compensate for the physical miniatures I acquire in that time.


Great idea! As well as chipping away at the grey, this will remind me to contribute more to this wonderful forum. What a lovely slice of the Internet it is. Merry Christmas all.

Roll For Wounds paints his Goons


I’m in. I’ve also stolen the :arrow_up: and :arrow_down: trick for my tally.

Here’s the thread:


Ah a fellow post reserver. Welcome Grey Sword FuzzyDoom