Halgar Hellgaze's Doomseekers [BATG 2022]

This will be my BATG for 2022! I’m currently cleaning my backlog up a bit to make room for a new army, so this might be a tough one…

These projects are roughly on the agenda for 2022:

Painting (The good)

  1. Finish the Chaos Dwarfs I currently have
  2. Finish the Lizardmen I currently have
  3. Finish the Lizardmen terrain I currently have
  4. Painting as many Skaven as i can
  5. Painting as many of the yet to be printed Ogre Kingdoms models as i can

Printing (The bad)
6. I will most likely print an Ogre Kingdoms army

Motivation (The ugly)
I have vowed to finish item 1 to 3 before the CDO meetup 2022 so feel free to shame me if I fail. Spoiler… i won’t.

That gives me about 7/8 months to paint at least 200 skaven and allows me to print about 30 ogres…

:arrow_up: Additions to the pile: 0
:arrow_down: Painted models: 0
:arrow_right: Total count: 0


Planning Chaos Dwarfs

  • 40 Chaos Dwarf warriors
  • I’m sure more will be added…

Planning Lizardmen


Planning Skaven

  • 101 Clanrats
  • 47 Plague monks
  • 13 Weapon teams
  • 16 Characters
  • 1 broodmother

Planning Ogre Kingdoms

And we are off to the races with a great start! 29 models painted.

:arrow_up: Additions to the pile: 0
:arrow_down: Painted models: 29
:arrow_right: Total count: -29


Printed 3 ogres!

:arrow_up: Additions to the pile: 3
:arrow_down: Painted models: 29
:arrow_right: Total count: -26


3 ogres isn’t going to get you anywhere in life. Print tons more…

Like somewhere on the order of one ogre per rat you own. That should suffice.



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