Anzu's BATG 2022

Ok, here comes my attempt to scale the grey mountain.

:heavy_plus_sign: New Models Purchased or Printed: 57
:heavy_minus_sign: Models Painted: 0

Total: 57

Project Overview (more details added as the projects progress)


  • Tomb Kings
  • Empire (Ostland) and Kislev
  • Hobgoblin conversion project


  • Mordian Iron Guard
  • Space orks (2nd edition)

28mm Historical

  • Republican Romans
  • Seleucids
  • Warlord Era (China)

Can’t wait to see those 2nd ed dudes!


Me too. :tongue: I have been slowly buying up Mordians from ebay over the past 2 years. They are not particularly sought-after but nobody over here seems to have more than a couple of them / wants to part from them. Funnily enough, the same is true for Praetorians – they rarely reach the prices seen over at your side of the channel. As for the orks, I only have the ones from the starter box plus a metal dreadnought. I would love to add some metal minis but so far my will was stronger (Knightmare miniatures :eyes:). Perhaps less so once I have ruined my BATG score.


I am always here to help if you need it…

But BATG is about painting! Our collections deserve the love! I will have some 90s stuff to show in springtime, if I can get through my current targets. Multiple types of stormtroopers, some vintage commissars, etc


Well… shit.

:heavy_plus_sign: New Models Purchased: 6


Hmm, to be fair Anzu, those are painted, right? Or do you plan to strip them and repaint?

I’ve finished three gretchin, just before the February deadline. They were basecoated last year – so I will not count them towards my score.

In other news, I’ve added 20 more Mordian recruits to the pile, so in total we’re at +26.

@chitzkoi Technically you are right but they are pretty desolate as they are – that paintjob does not do the proud men of Praetoria justice, so I count them as unpainted.


Those Gretchin look ace! lovely shading/highlighting, weathering and freehand pattern painting.

However, how about drilling out the barrels on every model with a gun in your collection? Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Keep it up!


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@Admiral Thanks :slight_smile: I rather enjoy painting these old plastic models – I think they hold up quite well for their age. I actually did drill the barrels in the front but was too lazy to drill out the muzzle brakes. I may touch them up at a later point.


I bought some Warlord era Chinese from Copplestone Castings’ Back of Beyond range (+ 23). Not looking too good for my BATG score… I spend virtually all my hobby time right now with sculpting.



I guess that’s +8 which means that I have officially surpassed @tjub :spoon:

I will also add my own casts once I have decided what lands on the reject pile.


So these are 20s era? You have great taste

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These are beautiful

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@chitzkoi 100% correct. I am happy and a bit surprised that there are miniatures for such niche settings + Marc Copplestone appears to be a former Foundry (GW?) employee. The sculpts are rather simplistic compared to Citadel, so painting them should be quick.

@Oxymandias Thanks. They took way longer then they should have… compared to your recent contrast and streaking grime gobbos. :wink:

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Haha, fear not… I just received my Punga Kickstarter today! :thinking: :sweat_smile:

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