The removal of the Lead Mountain - Zanko`s BATG

Here my possible progress in the fight against the Lead Mountain is documented!

Additions to the Lead Mountain: 3

Painted models: 0

Total count: 0


So the first 3 models are bought! So it can start …

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To be fair Zanko most of us aren’t gonna start the counters til Jan 1st


I‘d say anything up to priming is fine. The weather is usually pretty bad come winter for priming, so if there’s a nice day in December, I’d say go for it and prime as much as possible. Nothing standing in the way then to set off some fireworks on New Year’s Eve and then immediately sit at the hobby desk for the first session of the year :slight_smile:

„Honey, this is important! What? Do you want a partner with a blackshard discourse badge or not? Though so!“


I have only just bought the models, now I am working on the base and also need accessories. I wouldn’t have started painting yet anyway. But I think the models already count as new and therefore as an extension of the “Lead Mountain”!


That’s how I figure “the talk” will going a few months because I’ve been painting too much… according to her anyway…