Khamdrim Sky-Master's Battle Against the Grey [BATG 2022]

The challenge has been issued, and my competitive nature (when I’m not scared of loosing) always responds! I will be logging and hopefully completing those items that are unpainted (or insufficiently so) that are in my ever growing collection of shame.

Some of the projects that I will be, at least hopefully, tackling this year are:

  • A few squads of Legion of the Damned OG pewter models (will tally up once I get to see them since they are in a truck on the move right now)
  • Death Guard killteam inspired by a mix of the Seven Dwarves and Dead Space
  • Two teams of 3 havocs and 5 more termies for my EmpChild army
  • another squad of 10 Chorfs and 3 endrinriggers (which will probably be combined into an elite team of who knows what, possibly immortals)
  • 3 more scavenged tanks for my Soviet Ork army
  • Some dreadquake mortar/K’daii destroyer for which I will be sacrificing a forgefiend
  • 3 Pegaso Model Russian knights to use as templates and training items to learn how to paint different styles (in a maybe vain attempt to get better)
  • 18 miniatures from Gloomhaven… a recent addition to the Pile of Shame

And this will be the location for the list of shame that I will have to paint to break even if/when I purchase things…

Let the painting begin and may the odds be ever in our favor.