Antenor's Battle against the Grey [BATG 2022]

Let’s do this!

Miniatures acquired :heavy_plus_sign: 0

Miniatures painted :heavy_minus_sign: 23

Tally: -23


Waiting for those centaurs…been 18 months and counting. Totally trying to shame you into action!!!


And rightly so! Thank you, sir. :tongue: As it happens, I started painting the first of them two days ago to test the colour scheme and more specifically the contrast colours. Don’t expect anything fancy, though. If the result of this trial looks alright, I’ll just speed-paint through the unit in the new year (with such speed as my kind of speed-painting possesses :smile:)


Maybe Do each one different colours, will make them look fancy. Even variations of a theme. You paint nicely, dont do yourself discredit!



@Antenor slow and steady is better then fast and not liking the result.

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Very true. The thing is, I started my KoW army three years ago with much motivation, little skill, and no plan, and looking at some of the stuff that’s left to do I feel that I’ve moved on both in taste and skill (converting skill, that is). So a quick cranking up to the tournament standard 2300 pts it must be - quick but not shabby. :smile:

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Thats how i do every army :smiley:


This puts me to -1. :smile:

I did start painting this chap in 2021, but abandoned him again very swiftly. About 98 % of the work has been done this week, so I’ll allow myself to count him for 2022. :smile:


-2! And believe me, this feels to me like -20 might feel to the more active painters among you :smile:

Didn’t get anything painted in a long time. But on the other hand, neither did I buy any minis, so with a total score of -3 so far I’m technically winning my personal BATG… for now :sweat_smile:


Alright, so I may have the hobby attention span of a toddler. But a -4 is a -4, right? :smile:


Speed-drybrushed a bunch of Steam Mephits, resulting in a quick and dirty -16. They’ll be used as Gargoyles for KoW - cheap flying chaff, good at going after war machines and excellent at dropping in front of an enemy unit to get charged instead of your dwarfs. :smile: Unlike most of my other units, I did these exclusively for gaming purposes, so I mainly wanted to get them done as quickly as possible. I tried to achieve the smoke effect by going from light grey in the centre to black on the outermost parts, a bit like this:

My result is by far not as cool as the picture, but it’ll get the job done. Gaming day coming up next weekend!