War Against The Gray [BATG 2023 overview thread]

Esteemed @BATG_Warriors , @Nicodemus and everyone else…

Clear your desk, restock your paints, clean those brushes and prime a load of gray for it is once again time to pledge your allegiance to the cause! Help us fight back the tides of gray that takes over our hobby by painting more then we acquire!

For those of you that are new to BATG, forgot the rules, or never really got them…

The rules!

  • EVERYONE starts with a total net score of 0 on January 1st 2023. It does not matter if you have no unpainted models or a loft full of stuff you will never be able to paint.
  • For every model you get in 2023, that you intent to paint, you add 1 to the score. It doesn’t matter when you intend to paint them. If you buy/print/get a model with the intention to paint it, it counts.
  • Every model you paint in 2023 gets subtracted from your score.
  • What counts as “a model” is yours to choose, but the most used (and maybe easyest way) to do so it to count bases.*
  • The score is recorded in a google spreadsheet AND on a blog on the forum. I will add an index as a reply on this post and update it with all your blogs like i did in the War Against The Gray [BATG 2022 overview thread].
  • The BATG blogs should be placed in the BATG Category and the title should have the suffix [BATG2023], for example “MichaelX Battles the gray [BATG2023]”.
  • Pics or it didn’t happen… Update your blog with what you bought and painted, we love that stuff!

*PLEASE DO NOT START ANOTHER ENDLESS DISCUSSION ABOUT HOW KEEPING SCORE SHOULD BE DONE, I WILL DELETE THOSE POSTS… Everyone decides how to keep track of their score, as long as you count additions and subtractions in the same way. Don’t add an arachnarok as 1 to the Added score and 12 to the Painted score, and if you do… well you don’t get the idea of BATG…

How do we record our progress?
I changed the spreadsheet for 2023. Starting with BATG23 you only have to fill in what you did that month and the spreadsheet calculates the net score.



I added 10 minis in January and another 10 in February
I painted 20 in February and another 30 in March
My score at the end of march is -30 which means 30 less models in the gray pile.

How do we show off to other warriors?
Primarily trough your own BATG blog. There is a group we use to ping people which can be used if you want to get our attention. Everyone is free to join or leave the @BATG_Warriors group.

Why though?
Well… mostly because you do not want to end up as someone with 10000 unpainted models hidden away in a dank basement or loft. Paint then and use them, it is their purpose!
Also… Badges!

BATG - Gray
This badge is for ending a Battle Of The Gray with a total score of -1, meaning you painted 1 model more then you bought!

BATG - Bronze
This badge is for ending a Battle Against The Gray with a total score of -25, meaning you painted 25 models more then you bought!

BATG - Silver
This badge is for ending a Battle Against The Gray with a total score of -50, meaning you painted 50 models more then you bought!

BATG - Gold
This badge is for ending a Battle Against The Gray with a total score of -100, meaning you painted 100 models more then you bought!

BATG - Blackshard
This badge is for ending a Battle Against The Gray with a total score of -200, meaning you painted 200 models more then you bought!


MichaelX’s Pray the gray away! [BATG2023]

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[BatG 2023] tjubs efforts

Roll For Wounds paints more goons (BATG 2023)

Project paint stuff BATG 2023

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I’m in… May the council of BATG be ever in our favor. Oh wise sage Lebeef, do guide us in our quest to just do it. May we erase all misbegotten tubs of ideas long spurned, bits abused, and projects layered with more dust than paint.

Reaver Sacks the Grey Havens


I’m definitely in!

Anything wrong with renaming and continuing my 2022 BATG thread?

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No not at all. I made a new one because i like to keep em seperate.

As long as you make it obvious where batg23 starts its fine!


Excellent, will do!

“It’s the simplest thing, to cause more pain than a man can possibly endure”


I’m in. While not massive numbers, this will still be the best year I’ve had for painting which lines up 2023 to be even better. This has therefore been a successful experiment, especially considering I stopped any significant painting for several months and still finished more models this year than any year prior… And I’ve still got December.


I’ve basically paint 90% of my back log at this point. Don’t know what i will have to paint in 2023. Still sitting on 20 warriors and 5 special super secret guys I’m saving for any applicable golden hats.

Guess I can start working on collecting more 4/5th edition armies, I’ve bought a could since the high elves but they all be painted. Guess I’ll fill out the regiments with some unpainted guys


I’m in. Just don’t think I can achieve 200 this year. It’s a struggle to stay above that this year, haha


I got a good feeling that whatever I do this year will be like plus one minus one +20-20. I’m just gonna be zero by the end of the year no matter how many I paint


New thread, who dis?


Exciting seeing all the new blogs popping up!

While I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s progress I’m afraid I’ll be sitting out this year. I’m already hobbying 4-5 nights a week and found that given my already strong painting schedule the additional pressure mostly detracted from the experience.

I’ll be continuing my Chaos Dwarf blog and putting up Off-Topic stuff as I take brakes so keep up with me there!

Good luck to everyone!


I’m in again! Let’s see if I can get to net zero in 2023…


Understandable mate, it works for some, not for others! As long as you keep churning out great stuff it doesnt matter!


you people paint what you buy/print?


I’m keen to get some priming done over the holidays (still in 2023). Can’t do it in the house and it’s currently somewhere between -20 to -30C outside (before wind chill). My only place to prime is in our barely heated garage. Is getting a head start on priming against the spirit at all? Not planning to paint until midnight New Years Eve but I want to be ready when the cold weather really hits and I can no longer prime in the garage once we hit the -40s and below :wink:



Nah, not at all. Neither is buying or printing shitloads of models in 2022 to paint in batg 2023 haha. Batg is contained within the year.

Painting them would be, but finishing old projects where you slapped some paint on in the past isn’t necessarily


Also, -20c :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:

Also also, i love your batg thread aha


Well, and also also it was -36C last night (before wind chill). My mother stopped coming for Xmas after her 9-day stay at the end of 2018 when the daytime high was -45C (again, BEFORE wind chill) for her entire stay. We dipped down to about -50C a few times over night at that time too. It wasn’t fun…

Anyway - great news about the priming then and I’m thrilled I can also finish paint jobs that have been sitting unfinished since 2012-ish. I guess have some serious organizing and priming in my near future then. I’m also glad all of my Kickstarter models are arriving now and not next month! LOL :roll_eyes: